Free Burrito

Y’all know how weird the week between Christmas & New Year’s is…. so today is just a tiny quick post, with only a handful of photos, with not much to report. It was so dark and gloomy outside, but that made my office feel that much warmer and cozier.

Since Emerson was with Grandmommie again today, and Addison stayed home sick with a fever again today, I didn’t have to take any kids anywhere. I had enough points to get a free chicken burrito from Chick-fil-A this morning, so I just paid $1.60 for the hash browns, to go with the coffee I made/brought from home.

On my lunch break, I watched an episode of Survivor while I ate my spaghetti leftovers from last night, and then did a DIY manicure with some new nail wraps my mama got me for Christmas.

Little Addie has had a fever on & off for days now, so we’re thinking about taking her to the doctor tomorrow, but we’re not sure yet… She was happy and playful this morning, but then very pitiful and clingy tonight, and she acted like we were torturing her, by just making her take a bath.

Remember the retirement party we threw last week? Well today was finally Ms. Linda’s last official day of work. So we took a picture with just a few of us there today, and then we got the rest of the Bureau to line up in the hall by the elevators when she left at 4:30, so we could all clap & cheer and wish her well one more time. That was fun, but a few of us may have teared up a little bit.

We did a simple dinner of chicken sandwiches, shells & cheese, and baked beans… but then when Gabe was trying to get some sauce on his sandwich, he accidentally tipped the whole thing off the other side of the counter. I was afraid there would be beans & shells all over the place, but 98% of plate landed on this broken lamp base, so he was able to just pick it up and dump it in the trash, without too much of a mess…

I mentioned before we gave Addie a bath after dinner, and she hated it the whole time. But she’s had the fever sweats on & off for days, so she was definitely in need of some soap & clean jammies. But she was slap worn out by the end of all that, and once she cuddled up with Daddy in the recliner, the poor girl was sound asleep and snoring lightly within about 7 minutes, by about 7:45pm. Since she hasn’t been feeling well, she also hasn’t been sleeping well, so maybe she’ll finally get some good rest tonight, if we’re lucky…

For now though, I think we’ll find a movie or something to watch with the boys, since it’s so early in the evening.

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