Family & SkyZone

I am TIRED tonight, and it’s not even 8pm yet… So I’ll just share some photos and hit the high points.

Emmie loves her Pepaw. (She also loves that he gives her donut holes, which she’s tightly clutching in that tiny fist.)

The boys helping Emerson walk down the hall after church.

Aunt Meggie and Uncle Bo (and their church intern David) stopped by the house this afternoon for a surprise visit. They leave for a week-long mission trip to Ireland tomorrow, so they needed a few more baby loves.

We took the boys to SkyZone for 90 minutes of jumping and craziness with friends! Jeff’s parents came with us too.

Emmie was too small for trampolines, but she really enjoyed all the people watching. I was just proud of her for eating a bottle in the midst of all that chaos. (Those that know her well, know this is a big deal.)

Then we all went to dinner together down the street at Dairy Queen. And PopPop shared his chocolate ice cream cone with Emmie, so she was really into him. 😉

We saw all of our family members for at least a little bit today, so that was cool. We’re back home now, and I’ve already gotten Emmie put down for the night. We’ll see how much longer I last…. At least we get a holiday off work in the middle of the week this week! Nighty night friends.

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