Dollar Tree Decor

First, for those wondering, I did end up going to bed early last night, around 8:30pm. I didn’t fall asleep right away, but it was still nice to at least be snuggled up all cozy in the bed.

Emerson had a good day at school today, but I know she missed seeing her Aunt Meggie a few times during the day, since they are on their way to Ireland!

OK, so remember a while back I mentioned I got a great deal from Shutterfly, but I couldn’t share it? That’s because it was invitations to Emerson’s birthday party, and I wanted to surprise my family with them! Well I gave them out last week, so I can finally share them here! I had a coupon code for 10 free invites. So instead of paying almost $40 for invites & shipping, I only had to pay the $7 for shipping, for adorable, custom invites! (There is also more info & photos on the back too.)

I think I’ve mentioned before that were doing a luau/Moana theme for her first birthday party, but I’m trying to not go too crazy with it. So today at lunch, my Aunt Suzanne took me to the giant new Dollar Tree store on South Monroe, that moved into an old Walgreens building. (Or was it a CVS? Hmm, don’t know…) Aunt Suzy Q & Grandmommie had been there a few weeks ago, and suggested I look for birthday supplies there. And they were right! I got plates, napkins, forks, spoons, bowls, straws, a tablecloth, and a couple decor things – all for super duper cheap. I’m also borrowing some decor from my boss, so that’s helpful too.

After work & picking up Emmie, we ran to Walgreens really quick for a few things. Like yogurt melts. Emerson’s class is having a 4th of July party tomorrow, and we signed up to bring yogurt melts. (Isn’t that adorable?!) And Jeff needed chips for his office party he’s having tomorrow. And Emmie just always loves riding in the cart. She smiles and chats and waves, and is the Master of Ceremonies of the buggy parade.

Oh, and at lunch today, Jeff put the stuffs in the Crock-Pot for our dinner tonight – chicken breasts, S&P, and BBQ sauce. Then we had BBQ pulled chicken Sammie’s, mashed potatoes & green beans for dinner. Yummy and easy!

And then since Emerson was covered in mashed potatoes, she went straight to the bathtub. After she splashed around for a while, and got a manicure afterwards, she was ready for a bottle and Mommy snuggles and sleepy time. Now we are finishing a movie we started Saturday, and then I’ll do my nightly chore of dishes while listening to my audiobook.

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