Dead Car Battery

Emmie wanted a roll for her pre-breakfast appetizer today. When I handed it to her, she said, “Nana’s house!” Because she remembered that Nana gave us these leftover rolls the last time we were at her house! What a memory!




Jeff and I were both leaving home at the same time today, to take Emerson to her two-year-old check-up, and my car wouldn’t start… Luckily, he was able to take a few minutes to jump me off, and we were on the way. We didn’t know why it wouldn’t start, but thought maybe one of the boys hadn’t shut the door all the way, when the came to get stuff out of the car late last night. So we loaded up in both cars & caravan-ed to the pediatrician’s office. (Plan was to go our separate ways when we left the doctor’s office.)


She was marching around the waiting room, waving her roll about.



Daddy stopped on the way to grab a breakfast platter from Hardee’s, since Emerson wouldn’t make it school in time for breakfast in her classroom. She loved the eggs, biscuit & bacon, and liked dipping the hash browns into the white gravy!


Jeff was spinning her around on the doctor’s stool, and she was laughing and smiling so big, and just loving it! The second photo below is her signing & saying “more, more.” (For the record, that is not the actual sign for “more,” but that’s how she’s always done it, and never quite got the hang of doing it the right way.)



This is my friend Abby, who is also Emmie’s pediatrician, and we just love Dr. Peters! Honestly, she is the greatest doctor. And we love having her & her husband as friends, and in our Sunday School class at church! Emerson is also friends with their two kids!


She had an excellent appointment. She is still tiny, but she’s right on track with her own little growth chart. In the past 6 months, she’s grown 2.5 inches taller! She’s also ahead of the curve for her vocabulary. Abby told us from 2-3 years old, she should know 50 words, be able to say 2-word phrases, and for her parents to understand at least 50% of what she says. We were happy to report we’re already well past 50 words, she can string 3-to-4-word phrases, and we definitely understand her at least half the time, if not more.

She’s also started trying to sing lately, and it’s the most precious thing. Her favorite song currently is “baa baa black sheep, ” and she loves to sing the “yes sir, yes sir,” part, but it sounds more like “yessuh, yessuh,” and I love it!

While I checked out and scheduled for 2.5-year appointment, Daddy took her outside to do some exploring. Then I had to try to snap a few photos of them together, since they accidentally matched each other in their blue (with super thin white stripes), plus, her shirt says, “Daddy makes me smile!” This brand new outfit was a whopping $6 from Walmart, and I love it! She also loves the rainbows on it.






And then my car wouldn’t start again. Jeff had to jump me again, and we decided it might be more than just a drained battery from a light being left on in the car…


We caravan-ed to daycare, so I could leave my car running while I dropped off Emmie inside, and Jeff stayed outside. My gas light had been on since last night (and still in the midst of the hoopla this morning), so we stopped to get some gas real quick, and he gallantly pumped for me, so I didn’t even have to get out of the car. (This is something he does for me almost every time we’re together & I need gas, and something I’ve always appreciated about him.)


And then we caravan-ed over to O’Reilly’s to have them test the battery. The guy came out with his tester, and within seconds, he told us the battery was completely dead and had to be replaced. So we went inside to buy a new one. The problem though, is because of the location of the battery, they couldn’t change it there. Apparently, you have to take off the fender, and the tire, and the wheel well, to pull the battery out through there. So they couldn’t do all that for us. Jeff has a bunch of tools & stuff at home, so he figured he could just do it at home, rather than take it to the dealership for them to do it. (As Jeff was doing that, I was furiously texting my family, making plans to carpools & pick-ups, since I knew we’d be down to one car today, with lots of plans for tonight.)


After buying the battery, the guy at O’Reilly’s brought his big battery pack thingy, and jumped me off super quick. Jeff and I then caravan-ed back home (how many times can I say “caravan-ed” in this post today?!) to leave my car at the house. I transferred all my bags & such to his car, then he dropped me off at my office for the day.

Looks like Emerson had a good, short day at school today!


My Mama loved this picture, and said it looked like Emmie was leading her troops into battle yelling, “Chaaarrrrge!” 🤣



I just love these photos of them sitting around the table together, eating a meal like grown-ups! (Well, if grown-ups wore bibs!)







Luckily, my Aunt Suzanne works here at DOC with me, so I was able to hitch a ride with her when we both left at 4:30, to meet the rest of the family for dinner. And Grammy picked up Emmie in the Jeep, which we all know Emerson prefers anyways! We met at Chicken Salad Chick tonight. I tried a new flavor (that might be a limited summer flavor?), but I absolutely loved it. It was called Lauryn’s Lemony Basil, and it was delish. Basil is my absolute favorite and I love anything with basil. It was not overly lemony either, so it wasn’t overpowering. It was actually my favorite I’ve ever gotten there! Definitely want to get it again.

Folding her little hands to pray. So sweet!

Oh and I almost forgot how delicious that broccoli salad was! So good!

Jeff and the boys went to an “off-campus” pool party for the youth group tonight, so my Mama took Emerson and me home. Which meant Emmie got to ride in the Jeep again, so she was a happy girl.

We got home to find my car like this… When Jeff came home after work to pick up the boys before church, he did about half of the work really quick in the daylight, so they would be easier to finish everything when they got home tonight. You can see here he had to take off the rim and tire and the inner wheel well. And the battery is to the left of the wheel well if you’re looking at it straight on.

He came home shortly after Emerson and I were home. And he was able to finish up and get everything put back together relatively quickly. And my car started perfectly! Praise the Lord for an easy fix after a hectic morning! And praise the Lord for a handy husband!

While Jeff was finishing up the car, I did Emerson’s bedtime routine. But first she had to give hugs and kisses to some of her favorite animals and Moana. She also wanted to sleep in her rainbow shirt, but wanted these PJ shorts, which I think is an adorable combo.

I sang our standard four lullaby songs, and then she let me put her down in her bed for night-night time. I finished washing up last night’s dinner dishes, and now that this blog post is finished, we are going to finish the second half of the Stranger Things episode we started last night. We actually finished the season 1 finale last night, and then the boys begged to keep going. But since it was late, we only watched the first half of the season two opening episode, so now we’ll finish that up.

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