Running Late

When I woke up this morning at my normal time (around 6am), I could barely wake up, and I could not keep my eyes open. So I decided to snuggle back in bed next to my radiator of a hubby, for an extra 15 minutes of sleep. But when his alarm went off, apparently I slept right through it, while he got up to get ready. So then I finally woke up at 7:35, which is usually when I’m dropping off Emmie at daycare. So clearly we were late today! And since we were late, her friends had already eaten breakfast, so she got a special breakfast date by herself with Ms. Q.

Then I didn’t take any pictures during my day at work, but it was business as usual. Except for the fact we got a new Secretary (the head of our Department, not like a receptionist) at DOC today, appointed by the new governor, so we’ll see how things might change in the coming weeks and months. Luckily I’m not high enough on the totem pole for it to effect me too much, but you never know!

Jeff and the boys picked up Emerson from daycare today, and clearly she was excited to see her brothers at school.

I made cheesy chicken & rice casserole for supper tonight. (Click here for the post where I shared the recipe.) Ryan helped me by doing all the stirring, and then topping the casserole with cheese before baking. This is my MIL’s recipe that I’ve kinda personalized a little, and I always make it whenever the boys are here because not only do they love it, but it’s cheap, easy & filling. Always a hit in our house.

Emmie was ready for bath time after dinner tonight, and kept laughing at Ryan throwing her ducks into the tub & then “dabbing.” She always thinks they’re so hilarious.

She has the craziest hair after towel drying it!

She snuggled up with Ryan for a few minutes watching that silly Yoda song again, while her milk was heating up.

Then she was instantly ready for bedtime, and was already reaching for her crib while I was holding her saying her night-night prayers. Easy peasy tonight! I’ve already washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, and once I finish writing this, the four of us are going to play Jack Box together! (It’s a kind of video game you play on the TV, but each person joins in through their phone, and it’s super fun!)

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