Early Wake-Up Call

Well, our morning started out a bit early, when Little Bit woke up around 5:30/5:45 whining, and didn’t want to lay in her bed anymore. So I went to rock her for a little while, then she snuggled up on my side of the bud, and rested with Daddy while I got ready for work. It was early, and I was more tired than usual all day, but this sweet little moment was just too precious. (Super grainy photo because hey, it was dark, and still not even 6am.)

By the time we got to school, she was happy & giggling & smiley, and ready to play like usual!

Although she didn’t actually want to hug her little girlfriend this morning, and apparently hasn’t wanted to at all lately. Silly girl.

Do you think you get double wealth, health & luck if you eat the New Year’s Day leftovers the next day as well? I hope so… Even if not, it was still just as delicious again today. 

These next four photos came from her teachers in our parent portal app. 

Also, I forgot to share this in my books & reading life the other day, so I wanted to share it now. This was the 2018 Reading Challenge from Anne Bogel, who blogs (& does a million other great things) at Modern Mrs. Darcy. Her challenge isn’t about the quantity of books you read, but about the quality, and finding new things. I loved this challenge, and am already looking forward to working on her 2019 reading challenge!

After dinner, I picked up Emerson from daycare, and we met the family for dinner at Firehouse Subs. This little hat was in the high chair when we walked to the table, and she immediately put it on her head, and then proceeded to leave it there for quite a while. She ate with it on for a while, until it started getting in her way.

Last week, (the day after Christmas), there were no Wednesday night activities at church. The Wednesday before Christmas, we had our special Lord’s Supper service, but no choir. The Wednesday before that, we had been given the night off from choir following the Singing Christmas Tree. So tonight was our first week  back in choir in over 3 weeks. At first, it felt like we were a little rusty, but our choir director chose songs that we’ve sung before, so once we were warmed up a bit, it was good to be singing again.

A few of the ones we sang tonight are some of my all-time favorite choral pieces, and I really enjoyed singing them again tonight. This first one always gives me chills, and almost brings me to tears actually, whenever we’re singing it. Our little choir is MUCH smaller than this giant Texas-sized Prestonwood choir, but click here if you want to hear them sing it. They’re amazing.

Once we got home, Emmie played around with her brothers and her puppy for just a few minutes, and then was ready to head to her room and get her jammies on for bedtime. She let me hold and rock her for a few minutes, and gave me a kiss, then she reached over and pointed to her bed. So I gave her another hug, squeeze & kiss, and laid her down. Jeff and the boys are playing games, while I blog on the computer in the front room, while watching Gilmore Girls. I think I’ll go grab a snack & my book, and settle in on the couch for a while before bedtime. Night friends!

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