Matching Mirabel’s

We had cereal for breakfast, then started working on some chores around the house. I picked up our Walmart grocery order, then got everything put away. I lit a couple of complimentary candles, popped in my earbuds, and started washing dishes. The girls had already put on matching Mirabel dresses from “Encanto” and were traipsing around the backyard. Emerson brought me this little tiny bouquet of weeds and greens she picked for me.

Emerson’s gifted class is doing reports on National Parks next week, so we thought we’d put together our National Parks puzzle again this weekend, and then send in a photo of her with it, as part of her show & tell.

While putting away the groceries this morning, I found a container of orange juice hidden away, that we had squeezed ourselves from our own backyard oranges, a while back. I thought I’d just get rid of it, but it was still good, so I decided to make some super simple smoothies/juice, with just the frozen orange juice, a few cups of apple juice (for sweetness) and a little water. And this was so stinking good!

We also cleaned both of the girls’ rooms today, because they were just an absolute chaotic mess, like a hurricane had gone through both of them. And we put away lots of clean folded clothes, and even rotated in & out some of the clothes they had each out grown. That’s always such a chore, but things are obviously much tidier and easier to pick out their daily/weekly outfits, when everything actually fits and is organized well.

After a bit of random odds & ends for lunch at home, Jeff got Addison down for her nap, and I took Emerson across town for a little pool party for a school friend. And right next door to the party, we stopped at this Little Free Library before going in.

Most of the parents were all sitting together, but we were late to arrive, so I ended up across he yard (in comfier chairs actually), and just read my Kindle book on my phone for about 20 minutes, before it was time to head inside for snacks & presents & cake.

Addie slept literally the entire time Emmie and I were gone, but we finally made it back home. Jeff needed to do some yard work, cutting down the dead banana trees (which we’re supposed to do in late fall, but just never got done), so Emmie put her costume dress back on, and grabbed a rake!

I ordered a Chinese food feast for dinner (at Emerson’s suggestion again) and went to pick it up. The girls and I ate outside while Jeff got cleaned up, and this was so yummy.

I got the girls into the bath to get them cleaned up as quickly as possible, because it was pretty late by that point. Then we did our nightly Bluey, lullabies, & prayers, and both girls were out! Time to re-do my fingernails now, so they’ll be fresh for Sunday morning church tomorrow.

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