Breakfast Burrito

I went into work early again today, and I made sure to leave home even 5 minutes earlier than I needed to, because I just really wanted a sausage burrito from CFA! And I used my points, and got it for free! I also did this sauce combo I saw on TikTok (even brought my own tiny cup to mix the sauces in), and it was super delicious.

Then Jeff took Emerson to school for their regular drop-off.

And after that was another trip to the pediatrician, because Addie has been telling us for a few days (once again), that her ears were hurting. And wouldn’t you know, poor baby girl still has a terrible ear infection. She just finished her last round of antibiotics a little over a week ago, so they’re putting her on the stronger stuff this time, and recommended we call her ENT back again. But luckily, we’ve already got a follow-up scheduled with them for 5/16, and it seems like a second round of tubes might be necessary for our tiny Addie Pie.

So they went to Chick-fil-A while waiting on the prescription to be filled before heading to school.

Love these little painters at the daycare.

I went off to book club tonight, eating chicken taco bowls and bashing last month’s book that we all pretty much hated… But we had a great conversation and a great night. And hopefully next month’s book will be a better choice. (And in unrelated book news, I finished this book today, and absolutely loved it. I feel like the summary really doesn’t do it justice, because it was truly so much more than just a love story. But I rated it 5 stars!)

Nana picked up Addie from school, and Jeff picked up Emmie from school, and they went over to their house. Emerson requested Chinese food for dinner, and of course she got her way, and they got Chinese take-out. And finished everything up with popsicles on the back porch.

It was past 9:30 by the time I got home, and I found all three of my people asleep in the living room together. So I carried the girls to their beds and gave them all the loves and kisses on the way.

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