Recycled Robot

Jeff took both girls to school this morning, so that I could go into the office early again today. He said Addie was in a bit of a mood here at Emmie’s drop-off, but she was happy by the time they made it to daycare.

Addie and her friends made a recycled robot in class today!

Another delicious breakfast sandwich for lunch today. I forgot the cheese today, but it was still yummy.

And then we had sandwiches, salads, and chips for dinner. I got these little tiny ciabatta rolls from Aldi last weekend, and they were really good tonight. Even Emerson ate her entire sandwich, and Addie ate her whole salad, and then about half of mine as well.

The girls had a bath after dinner, and I just read on my phone while they played “coffee stand” in the tub with all their toys. We picked out some fresh, clean nightgowns, gave them their sleepy-time gummies, then watched a couple episodes of Bluey together.

Emmie and I went back to her room to read her book, and then Addie came sneaking in to chill with us for a little bit.

After we went through our routine, Emerson actually fell asleep and was lightly snoring during our lullaby. Addie took a little longer to get to sleep, but she should be good to go now.

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