With anticipated severe weather today, all of Leon County schools were closed. So I took off one more day of work to take care of the girls. They did actually sleep in a little bit today, praise the Lord for that, but once they did wake up, they were immediately dressed us as matching Elsa’s, complete with braids, necklaces, crowns and even gloves. So they had some morning cereal in their fancy costumes.

Just wanted to share all the fun things my parents brought back from their European trip a couple of weeks ago. This was all for me and Jeff, and the girls each got their own bags, that I’ll need to share too, because they got some cute tiny baby dolls. I love the authentic Hungarian paprika, the cute magnets, and the German word search! The tall brown package is actually tea, and I’ll be excited to finally try that out sometime soon.

Scrounged up a few more photos from the wedding last weekend, so I wanted to share those here today. I snagged a few from my BIL’s Facebook post, and was sent a few from the photographer as well.

Jeff with his two brothers and parents. (They actually have one more younger, adopted son, but they live out in Texas.)

Jeff and his two brothers – oldest to youngest actually, with Greg on the left, father of the bride; Jeff in the middle literally and age-wise, and the youngest Brad on the right. They take a photo like this first one every time the three of them are together, and they’ve been doing it for decades!

The girls had an absolute BLAST dancing at the reception, even when it was down to just them and a couple other kids. As Hope (the photographer) said, Addie was actually levitating in these photos!

The girls both napped today, and I watched last week’s episode of “Survivor.” They had taken off their dresses for lunch and nap, but then it didn’t take long for them to put them back on, and this time they wanted to go outside into the backyard to play. So I made myself an iced coffee (actually, my first & only coffee today), and headed outside to watch them play.

Our banana trees are growing so well already, after Jeff just got them cut down a couple of weeks ago. Love how hearty these are year after year, and how lush they grow during the summer!

Someone came to try to steal my drink, but unfortunately for her, I had already finished all of it. (They had gotten too hot in their Elsa dresses, so they had changed into some “normal” clothes to keep playing.)

Emmie had some school work to do, that her teacher sent home last week since we had her absences pre-approved. She was able to finish most of it, but there are still a few more assignments to complete before the end of the week.

I threw together some teriyaki chicken with rice & veggies for dinner, even though the veggies turned out to be pretty blah and no one really ate them, the rest of it was good.

I gave the girls a bath after dinner, while Jeff went on a little ADHD-fueled cleaning spree around the house, doing some random things. He pulled the dish-drying rack out of the corner, scrubbed the thing that goes under the rack, and then scrubbed the counter-top too. Then he scrubbed the ice/water dispenser on the freezer door, and finally started scrubbing our bath tub. He goes on these kicks sometimes and gets super focused, and I don’t stop him and just let him go to town!

So after the bath, Addie watched “Let It Go” on her Kindle, because it’s her favorite and she’s obsessed with it, while Emmie worked on some more of her school work.

We made sure to get the girls to bed at a decent time tonight, for the first time in about a week, after staying up late, in a different time-zone, for many days while on vacation. But they were both pretty tired tonight after playing hard together all day, so it went well and they’re both sleeping soundly right now. It feels like tonight is a Sunday night before a full week to start tomorrow, but luckily, tomorrow is already Wednesday, and I’ll have a very short little work-week!

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