Cheeky Chap Stick Thief

We started the day in short with jackets, since it was chilly in the morning, but warmed up in the afternoon.

Addison did a little bit of painting in school today.

I finished one audio book during the day, which was really good (Before I Let Go). An also started a new Kindle library book today, which I’m already super into (A Fate Inked in Blood).

Since it’s so dark in the mornings right now, we haven’t been able to take our sister pics before school in a while. So instead, we did sister pics after I picked them both up from school this afternoon.

And I loved Addie’s hair-do that her teachers did today.

Jeff went to see some sort of movie at the theater tonight about Noah, so I had a little girls night with my little ones. The girls had some leftover mac & cheese, with a piece of bread & butter, at Emerson’s request. Then I had some sweet & spicy Asian chicken & rice stuff that I just had to microwave, that was actually really good. And Addie kept wanting to come over and steal bites of my dinner on the couch.

And then of course we had to go spend some time out in the carport on bikes and scooters.

This stinker stole my favorite Burt’s Bee’s chap stick off my keys, and helped herself to some, with this cheeky little grin on her face.

A few weeks ago, my neighbor rescued a little puppy that was running stray through our neighborhood. The doggie  spent a few weeks at the shelter waiting to see if her owner would claim her, but when that didn’t happen (she wasn’t micro-chipped either), they were able to officially adopt her! She’s a tiny little yorkie-mix, about 4 years old, and about 5 pounds. She’s so sweet, and obviously the girls just fell in love with her immediately. They just got her this past weekend, so we were glad we got to see her tonight!

And then I got in a little bit of reading time, while the girls were so silly and giggly and goofy. I’ve been flying through this new book I started today, which is a mix of Viking/Norse vibes with magic & fantasy. This is my first Viking-style fiction book, but I’m really really digging it.

We did our usual Bluey snuggles and loves, and then Emmie fell asleep on the couch while I rocked Addie in the recliner. It took a little longer than usual, but i was able to get both girls into their beds, sound asleep, all by myself, so that was a WIN! Jeff just got home while I was writing this, so I need to go see if he brought me home any leftover movie theater popcorn, which is one of my favorite foods 😉

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