When Life Gives You Lemons…

Alright, so two nights in a row now I haven’t felt much like writing/talking. Here’s the reason today – as an introvert, I only have so many words per day before they’re all spent, and on a very long Wednesday night, all my words are depleted by the time I make it home after church & choir & praise team rehearsal. So again, tonight’s post will be kept short & sweet…

Emmie wore new gold ballet flats to school today. Aren’t they adorable?!

I had leftover butternut squash ravioli at work on my lunch break, and got started on a new library on my Kindle.

My family was all scattered tonight with half out of town & half needing to be at church early, so Emmie, Jeff and I had our own tiny family dinner at Sonny’s, before heading out to church.

Emerson was grunting and reaching for something across the table. After trying a few things (water, tea, Puffs, toy), turns out she wanted the lemon on my glass of tea. So I let her try it, and you can see the progression in the following photos…

Emmie says, “When life gives you lemons, you gotta at least try it a little bit, make a sour face, then try it again a few times until your Mommy takes it away from you…” Haha : )

Once the food came, she abandoned the lemon, and double-fisted her garlic bread, while working in bites of pulled pork here and there.

Grammy (my mama), took Emmie home with her and Grandmommie after they finished church, since we would be in choir late. So Emmie got about an hour of special family time with them.

We had a long night of choir practice tonight, with regular choir, Christmas choir, and praise team rehearsal, so it was almost 8:30 by the time I left the church. Jeff left church earlier than me to pick her up, while I finished praise team, but I got home just in time to put my sweet girl to bed.

Unfortunately I have a headache, so I just took some Tylenol, and I’m gonna try to go to bed a little early tonight.

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