We Hired A Maid, & She’s Terrible

Today felt like an all-around productive day. I got a lot of stuff done at work today, and then I got some stuff done at home tonight too. But first, look at my silly girl at drop-off at school this morning.

For dinner, we had our favorite Trader Joe’s Chinese foods – beef & broccoli (our first time trying, and it was good but spicy), veggie fried rice & pork dumplings. And wowzers, Emerson ate so. much. food! She had a good sized scoop of rice, and 3.5 dumplings. Her little belly was so tight & full when she finally finished!

Then Daddy put her to work! They found our little Swiffer duster, and she took it all over the place, helping clean around the house, dusting here & there. So we hired ourselves a new maid! But lemme tell ya, she’s actually a terrible maid, and I think we’re paying her too much… Especially since she gets free room & board, & unlimited snuggles.

But she IS the most adorable little maid!!

I put bubbles in her bath for the first time tonight, and she did not know what to do with it! It took her a while before she would even sit down in it (she kept doing funny things & standing on one leg with the other out to the side), and even then she was still very wary.

And then I worked on a project! We actually started this about two weeks ago, but we just kind of stalled out. This is a hand-me-down table from my grandparents, that we got for the end of our couch. It used to be dark Hunter green, but that just didn’t match our house. So Jeff stripped & sanded the whole thing. And tonight I finally started painting it! I don’t have a good “before” photo, but below is “during” and after one coat of paint. You have to wait two hours before the second coat, so I’m going to do that tonight around 10pm, right before going to bed. Oh, and then we’ll stain & seal the top.

After this first coat of paint earlier, I washed the dishes & cleaned up from dinner, while Jeff worked on laundry. We’re taking a break now, watching “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” on Netflix, which we really enjoy.

Looking forward to finishing up my little table later. And definitely looking forward to Friday!

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