Mint Moccasins

Sunrise has been beautiful every morning this week! Yesterday, the sky was cloudless the sun was a HUGE bright orange ball. Today, there were golden-lined clouds, with a burst of orange peeking through underneath. Cell phones can never capture it of course, but I still try…

And check out this adorable girl in her mint moccasins! Eek! These shoes were actually the first thing I bought after we found out we were having a little girl! It’s just too much cuteness!

Also, today marks one whole year of daycare at Growing Room. We’re just so blessed to be there, with teachers & staff that love her, and Aunt Meggie running the place from the front desk! (If you don’t know, my sister is the assistant director.) Look at these photos from today, compared with this day from one year ago!

One year ago, 9/14/17! Man, she was such a tiny little peanut!

The next three pictures were the ones her teachers sent us later that day, to let us know she was smiling and happy, and having a good first day! That was very good for this nervous Mommy’s heart, and I will always love these silly photos of her!

A few weeks ago I got some Old Navy super cash, and I went back today on my lunch break to spend it. I was able to find a few things for Emerson in the clearance section, for her to grow into. So the coupon thing was for $10 off when you spend $25, but my three things totaled up two cents short, so I had to grab a tiny can of Coke Zero for $1.50. Silly, but I got my $10 off! Before I went shopping, I ordered a pizza online from Blaze, so I ran in to pick it up (and my favorite blood orange lemonade), then took it back to my office to eat. And it was super delicious.

Aunt Meggie took Emerson with her when she left work today, and they headed to hang out with my mama & Grandmommie. The rest of us (dad, step-bro, bro-in-law, hubby, me) all came an hour or so later, and then we had family dinner together! Emerson just couldn’t wait though, so she had a mashed potato appetizer sitting in the living room and floor.

And then she ate corn on the cob for real for the first time! We’ve let her kind of gnaw on one before, but she wasn’t really eating it then. But tonight she really got the hang of it, and absolutely loved it!

We had so much fun at dinner all together (we missed my aunt & uncle while they’re out of town, way out west, but we FaceTimed with them for a bit), and laughed and told stories and just enjoyed good family time. It was a great Friday!

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