Baby’s First Pony Ride!

The day started out with a donut for Emmie, and a bagel & coffee for Mommy, at Grammy & Pepaw’s house. (Jeff was having breakfast with a friend.) And girlfriend ate the entire donut!

And then we drove out to J.R. Alford Greenway, to attend our friend Caroline’s 3rd birthday party! They had the amazing Redemptive Love Farm there with a mini petting zoo & pony rides! Emerson loved animals, but she’s only ever met dogs in real life. Today she got to meet and pet bunnies, chickens, a goat, and a pony! And she got to go on a pony ride too! She liked petting the tiny animals, but liked it best when the bunnies actually hopped around. She wanted to chase them.

She was a little bit leary when I first tried to out her on the pony, and it took a second try to get her legs on either side of the saddle. But then surprisingly, she ended up liking it more once she started moving! They led the point on a nice little walk up & down the fence line, and Daddy and I took turns holding on to her while she was up there. (Although it was easier for Jeff, because I was almost too short to reach her properly.) She stayed on the whole time, and ended up loving it! Her ponies name was Cookie Dough.

She also just loved wandering around freely in the grass! Which is really what she did the most of.

We stayed for a little over an hour, but left the party early, so we could get her back home for a nap. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos of the birthday (cow)girl, but picture a cute, tiny blonde girl, with her hair in a braid & a pink cowgirl hat. She was adorable. Thank you to the Peters for inviting us to the party, and providing a chance for baby’s first pony ride!

Before we left the Greenway, we let her sit in the front seat of the car to get the cool air blasted on her hot, sweaty little face, and drink some more grape juice.

Once we made it home, she took a two-hour nap, while Jeff & I had lunch and then took short naps ourselves. We played for a little bit once she woke up, but she was acting really fussy. We made a quick trip to Publix for the ingredients to make this recipe for breakfast for our Sunday school class for tomorrow. I’m going to cook the sausage tonight, so there’s less to do in the morning.

But while shopping, Emmie just didn’t seem quite herself, and she felt a little warm. When we got home, we took her to, and she had a fever of 101.8! It just came on out of nowhere! We ave her Motrin and she took another nap, but still woke up puny & fussy & super snotty with a fever.

And even though our anniversary is still a few weeks away (on 10/5), Jeff’s present he ordered for me arrived today, and he just couldn’t wait for me to open it! The traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood, so he ordered me this oven rack push/pull utensil from the Laurel Mercantile, which is the shop run by my favorite HGTV stars, Erin & Ben Napier. And I love it! It’s so pretty! It’s actually super functional for me too, because our oven is kind of high, and my short self can’t reach without pulling the rack out each time. It was also very handy tonight, because right before it arrived, I had put a chicken pot pie in the oven, so I got to use it once it was done!

Emmie went downhill quick during dinner, just not feeling good and getting super sleepy again. We gave her some Tylenol (she still had a fever) a bath, and then a breathing treatment (her little chest was feeling kind of rattle-y). By this time, her fever had come down, so we gave her a bottle of milk, and she was down for the count. Hope she sleeps well & gets good rest.

Daddy will be staying home from church with her tomorrow, since it’s my turn on the praise team. Hoping & praying she gets better quickly. Depending on how tomorrow goes, we might take her in to see the doctor on Monday morning.

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