It’s Been A Rough Day

Today has been kind of a rough day. Emmie is still not feeling well, and although the fever didn’t even break 100° today, she barely slept, ate very little, and was super fussy all day long. To top it off, I don’t feel good myself now (started around lunch time – sore throat, headache, stuffy nose), so that’s lovely too. A few quick notes about the day, before I attempt to go to bed early…

The new breakfast recipe did not work out this morning… When we tried to flip it over & out of the bundt pan, it fell apart, and the biscuits were still raw in the middle. I had to leave to get to church early though, so I left it there. Jeff put all the pieces on a cookie sheet, and it took another 20 minutes to finish baking. So that’s what we’ll be eating all week, because I don’t want to waste it! Emmie got to enjoy it this morning though for her breakfast, since they stayed home from church.

They also ran to Walmart really quickly (it was an emergency – we were out of coffee!), and they picked up a couple of new pairs of shoes for Emerson. She’s really into shoes these days (she brings them to us at home & makes us put them on so she can wear them around the house at night, or all day on a weekend), and she seemed very possessive of these new ones.

This afternoon, we spent some time just wandering around the yard, because she loves to be outside. But then when we went back in 15-20 minutes later because we were all hot & sweaty, she got so mad and cried and slobbered for like 5 minutes.

She only slept for about 40 minutes for her morning nap, and then 20 for her afternoon nap, so we took an hour drive up & down the interstate around 4:30. But she still didn’t sleep! She did help daddy pull 3 feet further into the carport when we got home…

Jeff’s mama (Nana) came over for a quick visit and to check on Emmie. And then we poured packing peanuts on her head, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

We grabbed dinner from Publix, and Emmie finally ate a decent amount, of popcorn chicken and mac-&-cheese. She drank her bottle of hot milk, then went to sleep a few minutes early.

Like I said, it’s been kind of a rough day. We’re all exhausted. I didn’t go into all the details her (because these posts are supposed to be about the good things!), but I’ve actually never seen Emmie be this upset for an entire day. There was lots of snot & slobber & crying & whining, but we did get some cuddles & smiles & a few giggles. I’m planning to take her to the doctor in the morning, just to make sure it’s nothing big. I’ve heard there’s some viral stuff going around, so that’s my guess. Praying that both Emerson & I feel better soon! Will y’all please pray for us too?

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