Mama Called The Doctor And The Doctor Said…

That baby girl has hand foot mouth. Well I didn’t call, I took the day off and we went in to the pediatrician’s office first thing this morning. Our normal doctor/friend Abby was off today, but we saw our next favorite person, the nurse practitioner Mona. I had noticed these sores around her mouth yesterday, but didn’t think too much of it. I thought the one in the center of her top lip was from when she busted her lip Friday, and then the others just started showing up yesterday afternoon, and I was hoping maybe her skin was just irritated from all the snot. But then she also developed a few bumps on her bum, and teeny tiny barely visible ones on her legs too. So by the time Mona saw her this morning, she gave us a very quick diagnosis.

Unfortunately, it’s just like a virus, in that there’s no real medicine or cure for it. This has been the cause of her extreme fussiness, and lack of sleep & appetite. And she could have picked it anytime in the past week before her symptoms finally started showing Saturday afternoon. So basically we have no idea where it came from. Even Jeff or I could have brought it home & passed it to her, and this is just how her body reacted to it. Sad news. But she has still remained fever free since Saturday night, so she’s not contagious anymore, and will be going back to school tomorrow.

Mona did actually give us some prescription strength ointment to put on the places around her mouth, to help prevent it from turning into full-blown impetigo. So we’ve used that a couple times so far today.

Anyways, she was a little better today than yesterday, and we had a pretty good day together, all things considered. She helped me organize her closet this morning…

Then she ate her leftover chicken and mac-&-cheese from last night, plus mandarin oranges for lunch, and she ate pretty well.

Mona also gave us some Pediasure samples, to help fill her up a little more since she’s not eating as much. She had the strawberry one with lunch and she loved it.

After lunch, she went down for a nap at 11:15, and slept until 2pm! Then she quietly laid in her bed for 15 more minutes, just slowly waking up. While she napped, I washed dishes, cleaned up a little, had half of this delicious pizza from Trader Joe’s, and got to rest myself for a while.

Once she finally woke up, she had some of my leftover pizza for a snack, and was in such a good mood after such a long nap!

We then wandered around the driveway and carport for about 20 minutes, between the rainstorms, watching cars and just enjoying the outdoors. She really loves to just be outside! And here’s a good photo of the spots around her mouth. It’s not pretty, but it’s not too bad either.

We came inside and played with ALL the toys and read so many books. And yes, this silly girl was also wearing a toilet paper roll as a bracelet…

We had Stouffer’s meatloaf for dinner, with mashed potatoes and green beans. Then Jeff headed up to the church for his monthly deacons meeting.

Then Emmie had a ditch water oatmeal bath.

And once she had hot milk & Tylenol, she was completely asleep in two minutes flat at 7pm, a full 30 minutes earlier than her usual bedtime!

I sat down to watch one show on Netflix, then washed the dishes (again), and wrote this post. Hubby is home now, so we’ve been chatting & catching up on stuffs. Going to take some Sudafed (the pressure in my face & head is killing me!), and try to go to bed a little early again tonight.

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