Flower Power Pants

I’m not feeling very wordy tonight (shocking, right?), So I’m going to keep it short and sweet, then get back to my Netflix shows. Look at my baby girl in these flower power pants! I love this outfit. There was actually another little girl in a different class at school today also wearing the exact same thing. She was cute too, but obviously Emmie was cuter : )

Nugget fell asleep on the ride home after school, as usual lately. I made rice with beef tips & gravy for dinner (one of my faves!), and Emerson tore it up! Usually, with food like this, I feed her most of the meal, and only put a tiny bit on her tray for her. But at school, they just give them each a plate and a spoon, and let them go at it! So we tried that at home tonight too. She didn’t really use her spoon very much (although she did try a bit), but she was grabbing it up by the fistful & shoving it in her mouth! She loved it!

She loved watching Daddy brush out Pretzel’s fur.

Oh, and we tried on a few pairs of shoes tonight, and she’s grown into a few more pairs, like these adorable mint moccasins!

She accidentally punched her fingers in a kitchen cabinet tonight, and the poor girl got so sad and upset. She needed lots of hugs & cuddles from us, and then a bottle of hot milk and bed time. I then washed a ton of dishes & cleaned the kitchen. Jeff fell asleep in the recliner after doing some laundry, so I sent him to bed early. My fall candle burning smells delicious, and I’m cozied up watching Netflix. Night friends!

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