Wednesday Water Slide

Addie was very cute today in her head-to-toe purple outfit for school today.

We got to school a little early, and Addie’s class was actually still combined with the triplets’ class, and she was very excited to see them. After hugs (and the girls showing off their watches to me) Riley walked her over to pick out a coloring sheet, and Kenlsey got an extra chair to add to their table for her, and they got her all settled before I left!

I started a new audio book today, by one of my favorite authors. This author always uses the same narrator, and she’s one of my favorite audio book narrators too.

For breakfast today, I went back to my cottage cheese toast, but this time I tried it with a thin layer of that almond paste my friend Bridget sent me last week. That was a combo I would never have put together myself, but it was sooo good, and I’ll definitely be repeating it again tomorrow.

Addie and her little friends did some pink paintings today at school.

Jeff got off work a little early today, and he picked up the girls early. I swung through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru after work, and picked up kids meals for both me and Addie to eat at home together really quickly. (Jeff didn’t feel like eating, and Emmie was waiting to eat at church.)

Then Emmie had a fun night at GC kids, for end-of-the-summer bash with pizza, snow cones and a giant inflatable water slide.

We did a quick bedtime routine with the girls when we got home after church, and both girls were tired and worn out and fell asleep easily.

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