Bluey, Bella & Burrito Bowls

Addie was very excited to wear her new Bluey dress she got for her birthday, to school today. She’s so cute in it!

And Emerson spent the day with Grandmommie, with both of them dog-sitting for Aunt Suzanne & Uncle Keith’s doggie, Bella. Emmie has missed having a dog in our house so much, so I just she was loving Bella so much today!

I started up some crockpot chicken taco stuff this morning before work, and it smelled so very good when we got home this evening. I cooked some rice, black beans and corn, then got out all the fridge toppings, and we made burrito bowls for dinner. Super easy, super yummy, one of our favorite meals in our repeated rotation.

Emerson is actually having a sleepover with Grandmommie tonight, so we were just a family of three tonight. You other mama’s will know that going from two kids to one, even for a small period of time, feels practically like zero kids. Especially when that one kid is the most chill little girl, it feels so easy peasy!

We let Addie play some games on her little Kindle tablet, while Jeff started up a load of towels in the washer, and I put away all the leftovers, creating bowls with all the toppings for our lunches tomorrow. Addie was so sweet and so sleepy after that, and just cuddled up next to me on the couch for some Bluey. Jeff rocked her to sleep while I was writing this, and now I’m gonna wash up some dishes, and listen to my audio book, while Jeff works on some computer stuff of some sort…

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  1. celesteflewisgmailcom

    Hey, Halie – I wanted to share with you that recently I made a corn and black bean salsa and it was so delish! The “key” ingredient was the corn. I used frozen corn in a little olive oil with ground cumin. I had to let it cool before adding to the other salsa ingredients and almost ate it all. I know you appreciate food as much as I do! 🙂 OMG-Game Changer!

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