Addie was excited to see Grandmommie at school today, and Emmie was so excited she was already in the car and buckled in! 🤣

And I was excited to see the Frother’s Daughter in my office parking lot again! I had actually forgotten and brought my own coffee from home, but I still stopped for an iced cinnamon roast crunch, and just drank them both.

I was also interested to try some new mascara today (for another interview at my office!). I have very thin, very tiny, very blonde eyelashes that are mostly non-existent, so I’m always trying out new mascara’s, looking for just the most perfect one for me. I love the aesthetics of this tube, and it worked pretty good, but it wasn’t ground-breaking or anything.

Emmie spent the day with Grandmommie again today, and she chose this sweet fancy little dress to wear when they went out for some shopping and errands together.

Yesterday, Addie and her friends made pink paintings, and today they made pink collages.

We had a very full, very busy night when we got home. I threw together some snack plates for the girls for dinner (turkey, cheese, carrots, raspberries, cheeze-its), and put a frozen pizza in the oven for Jeff and I. Then we were busy little bees, working on SO MUCH stuff, getting ready for another big road trip tomorrow. We worked on laundry, and packing for all four of us, and cleaning out the car, and making “play bags” of stuff for the girls to have for our upcoming week-long stay with more family, and a few other little chores and things.

It was later than usual once we finally settled down and got the girls to fall asleep on the couch on either side of me, while Jeff got showered off.

Tomorrow morning we are going on another Pullen family road trip with Jeff’s parents. This time, we’re first heading to South Carolina to see my twin stepsons graduate from high school this Saturday! Then we’re going a little further north up to West Virginia, where there are even more Pullen’s, on both of Jeff’s parents’ sides. Going to be quite the trip, with lots of family time!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post here every night, but we’ll see how things go, and what kind of cell service I have once we get up into the mountains at that point, but it doesn’t seem likely 😉 Pray for our safe travels and reliable cars and no injuries or illnesses!

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