Road Trip to Rock Hill

This morning, we set off on another road trip! We drove today from home to Rock Hill, South Carolina, with plenty of stops again for all the things.

Started off with chicken minis before leaving Tally.

And we always have to stop at Striplings when we drive through Cordele. And we also had to get some “Country Caviar,” aka boiled peanuts.

We found a cool little old fashioned sandwich shop in downtown Macon for lunch, called Sid’s Sandwich Shop. It was super simple food, but the people working were extremely nice, and loved the girls, and gave them both a free giant homemade brownie. Addie also only wanted a salad, so they just gave us a little cup of shredded lettuce with ranch for her, also for free, which she totally loved. They had these old school wooden booths the girls wanted to try out, and then Jeff and addie actually stayed there to eat, near mine and Emmie’s table.

I had a simple tuna sandwich, but it was a really good one. I just loved the vibe and the aesthetic, and the super nice folks working there.

When we got back in the car, it was finally time to eat those boiled peanuts we bought this afternoon. We had left them up in the dashboard while we were driving to keep them warm, and that felt like such a genius idea, because they were so good.

Addie got a new “Frozen” microphone for the trip, so we heard a lot of “Let it Go” for our last hour of driving.

After just one more post-lunch gas station stop for slushies for the girls, Cherry Coke for Jeff, and a bottled Starbucks frappuccino for me, we made it to the hotel right at 6pm. After a quick unload of our stuff, we freshened up slightly, and went out to meet up with Ryan & Gabe and a few other friends/family, for dinner at a place called Hobo’s. They had one of those great little open spaces between a few stores and restaurants that was just teeming with kids and families, so it was the perfect spot to let everyone play and get the wiggles out, while we waited for our table.

The place was very crowded but also very slow (but we were a big party, with 9 of us total) so we ate later than usual, and stayed out later than usual, but the girls did well, and it was good to have some time to chat with the boys. They hate pictures, but they did actually agree to this family picture at the end of the night ☺️

After finally getting back to the hotel, and doing all the things to get settled and changed and ready for bed, it was 10pm before the girls were finally asleep. But we’re all tucked in now, and I’m the only one still awake. I’m gonna read a little, but I’m sure I’ll fall asleep fast, in this dark, quiet room, with the sound machine one and the sweet, sleepy sounds of my little family all around me.

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