Watching the Rain & “Wonder”

I’m posting really late tonight (it’s 10:01 pm and I’ve just started typing), so I’m going to attempt to keep the writing brief, since I’m sleepy, and I’ve got lots of photos to make up for it.

Baby girl was precious this morning at school drop-off, as usual!

We got released from work early today at 3pm (security issues), so I was able to pick up Emmie early too! We stopped by Trader Joe’s, 1-because we like it, 2-because Emerson likes riding in buggies, and 3-because I was looking for some different dinner ideas. And despite the fact that she looks angry in the second photo, she was actually just chit-chatting with me about all the flowers : )

We taste-tested the egg salad we bought once we got home, and she very much approved. She kept signing (yes, she knows the sign language) & saying “more more,” for another bite.

And then we just had some Mommy & Baby time around the house. We watched it rain out the back sliding glass door, and she was fascinated. So I took her out on the front porch, and she loved that too. I put her down so she could feel the cold, wet concrete under her feet, but then she got really brave and wanted to walk all over the place and do it all herself (her newest nickname is Miss Independent), so I had to scoop her back up before she slipped off the edge! And of course that made her mad, but she calmed down once we went back to the back door to watch it some more.

For dinner, we had Trader Joe’s chicken piccata (which neither of us liked and didn’t eat more than a few bites of, womp womp), with mashed potatoes and fresh sauteed brussel sprouts, which is one of our favorites. Plus garlic bread, which is always delicious, duh.

Ugh. Looking back at this picture now, that chicken looks terrible — 0/10. Would not recommend.

After getting Emerson to sleep (which was kind of tricky, because she was exhausted and fussy – ear infections tend to do this to her), Jeff & I tag-teamed the dishes (he started, I finished), and then settled in to watch a movie. I finished reading “Wonder” on my Kindle during my lunch break today, so we watched the movie adaptation tonight. And both the book and the movie were excellent. I cried reading the book, and I cried watching the movie. But wow. So, so good. 10/10 would recommend both. 

And that’s why I’m blogging so late. I was just exhausted after a busy afternoon, and then evening, and finishing the dishes, and I was really excited to watch the movie, so I just plopped down and decided I’d blog later. And so now it’s 10:25 pm, and I’ve finished today’s post in a record amount of time (considering it usually takes me an entire Gilmore Girls episode), and I’m going to go to sleep now!

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