Groovy Baby Girl

This little outfit just looks so 60’s/70’s to me – she’s such a groovy little baby girl! She won’t actually wear headbands/bows, but this one just matched too perfectly not to at least try. I don’t know how long it lasted once I dropped her off, but I had to put it back on her about four times between house & school. Soooo… probably not too long : )

She stepped right up on this little phone, like it was a step stool at the kitchen sink. I told her not to feel too bad she’s short, because Mommy often needs step stool, and I also keep on in the kitchen, so she’s in good company. (The boy in the gray below is a few years older, but was waiting in her class for his teacher to arrive, that’s why he’s so much bigger than her. But he was super sweet to her!)

I stayed at my desk to day for my lunch break today, and tried this new-to-me pasta salad from Trader Joe’s. It was good, but needed a little salt. So I added some, but needed a tiny bit more, and then I ended up over-salting it. Oh well, I still ate it. Overall, I liked it – 6/10, would probably recommend. (In case y’all are wondering about all my TJ’s tries lately, I’ll rate them like this from now on. Also, I created a list based on a few of my favorite bloggers of the most recommended TJ’s products, so I plan to see how many of those I can try out.) Also, I started a new borrowed library book on my Kindle.

My family met for dinner at Wing Stop tonight before church. But I’m not a big fan of that lately, so I went through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A before meeting them there. And Jeff got to come meet us for the first time in a few months! I forgot to take any photos at dinner, but look at these cuties on the way to the car afterwards.

After church was over, my Mama and I were standing at her car chatting, and this sweet little girl came up to her and quietly and politely asked if she could tell her something. She wanted to share a prayer request with her, so they stopped and prayed right there. And it was so sweet. (My Mama is doing an amazing job helping to keeping our children’s ministry alive, while we’re looking for a new children’s pastor. She loves kids, and clearly they love her!)

Daddy had taken Emerson home from church, while I finished up in choir. So he got her bathed and in her jammies, and she was ready and waiting for me when I got home. I got to give her her bottle, say her prayers and give her lots of loves while I rocked her for a few minutes.

I didn’t take many photos today, and not too much really happened. It was just a mostly-regular Wednesday (except for a super crazy afternoon at work), and I’m glad to be home and cozy ready to settle in for the night. So, goodnight! 

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