Labor Day

For breakfast this morning, I made Jeff and I scrambled egg sandwiches. But little priss couldn’t wait, so she got started with a leftover chocolate donut from church yesterday. I don’t think she minded one bit.

After breakfast, we went on an early morning shopping trip. Emerson and I went to Ross, while Jeff went into Harbor Freight. I got a new set of bamboo cooking utensils (my current ones were a wedding gift, so they’re five years old now), plus a cute doxie outfit for Emerson, and a little fall flower arrangement. (You’ll see that on my table later in the post.) 

Emmie and I got back to the car before Jeff did, so we cranked the a/c, and just hung out playing and climbing all over the backseat.

And then once Jeff got back, she read the Harbor Freight newspaper, checking for deals she needed.

And that outing was all that she could handle, so once we got home, I fed her mac-n-cheese & mandarin oranges for lunch, and then she was down for her nap! She slept from 11:30-1:30, and we got lots of work done during that time.

This is the new fall tablecloth I got a couple of weeks ago from Marshall’s. I put it on today, with my new flowers I got from Ross this morning, and some little ceramic pumpkins I’ve had for a few years. The tablecloth is a little long, but I’m going to keep it anyways.

We’ve still been working on our projects from Saturday – we took the day off yesterday to observe a day of rest – and we’re getting close. This wood/poly combo takes 3 coats of poly, and you have to sand between each one, but it takes 4 hours to dry, so it’s kind of a long process… We’ve still got one more coat to go.

After reading the Harbor Freight newspaper, she also needed to check out the IKEA catalog.

And then we took a trip to a different Ross, and found a few good things. Emerson loves drinking out of straws, so we got her some sippy cups that have straws. She started using it at dinner, and she instantly loved it!

In case anyone is wondering, this is my favorite hand-soap and fragrance. I keep one in all three bathrooms, and one in the kitchen. Refilled 3 of the 4 pumps today.

And look at the world’s prettiest little Seminole girl! 

For dinner, we had chicken & veggie rice bake, salad, and ginger ale. And I loved eating on our new fall tablecloth.

Emerson had a bath after dinner, then a bottle of hot milk, and was almost instantly asleep. It was a bit day for our little girl!

After I finish this post, I’m going to work on labeling all of these clothes she’s outgrown with her initials, and packing them up in this plastic tub. It’s clearly not done yet, but I’ve already crossed it off our list of chores, because it’ll be done soon-ish.

I just lit three new fall candles around the house, and it’s smelling absolutely amazing! I don’t regret one bit getting ready for fall, even though it’s definitely still summer here in Florida. Inside, in the air conditioning, we can pretend, right!?

Clearly, we didn’t get all of our weekend chores done. And that’s OK because I figured we wouldn’t. I’m always a little ambitious when writing these to-do lists, and then we usually never finish them. But we’ll work on a few during the week, and then others will roll over to next weekend.

We’ve discovered it’s much harder to get work done around the house, now that most of our time is spent hanging out with our adorable baby one-year-old, who never slows down! But we do what we can, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I’d much rather sit in the living room floor playing with my sweet girl, than reorganizing her closet.

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