Napping at Lunchtime

This Sunday started out with peach Cheerios and mandarin oranges for breakfast for Emerson, while Daddy and I took turns getting ready. 

And then it was my turn to be in Emerson’s class for nursery duty during Sunday school. We had lower numbers today for the long, holiday weekend. And that was a good thing, since our main teacher was out sick today. But Kristin and I did our best, and even figured out how to sing the little song in today’s lesson. You can see how much they loved the bubbles!

And then they all really loved the coloring portion of the morning. Kristin traced all of their little hands, and wrote their names inside. But Emerson didn’t want to spread out her little fingers, so her traced hand ended up looking a little funky. We were going to save the paper & hang it up in the classroom, but they got a little excited, and decided they’d rather rip it all to bits. So that’s what they did. And then we had to throw it away.

We went to lunch at El Jalisco with our friends Ashley & Louis again. But this time, Emerson simply couldn’t hang. She ate a few chips and a few Puffs, and then her eyes started getting veerrrrryyy heavy. And then she actually fell asleep in her high chair, just like this! For about 20 minutes! And then she woke up just in time to help me finish off my rice and beef enchilada.

After lunch, I forced her to stay awake on the 20-minute car ride home. And then I immediately put her to sleep in her crib. And then I immediately went to sleep in our bed. Emerson and I both slept from 1:30-3:30, and Jeff just did his own thing for a while. Once we woke up, Emerson had snack time and played for a tiny bit, and then we rand to Target & CVS for a few things we needed.

And then my parents, Grammy & Pepaw, came over for dinner. We had lasagna, salad and garlic bread, and finished up with a chocolate pie. Emmie ate an entire piece of garlic bread all on her own, a few bites of lasagna, plus about a billion bites of our pieces of pie.

We had a great time hanging out and chatting with them. We always like having people over to our house for dinner, but it’s especially nice when it’s our family, and it’s just so easy and comfortable. It was a good Sunday, and tomorrow we have one more day of “weekend” left, and I’m very much looking forward to it!

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