Turkey Taco Tuesday

This girl was so sweet and silly this morning! She was rocking on the horse, then I told her to go get a dino, so she did, and she hugged it, and then she tried to rock the dino on the horse! Then it fell off, and she said uh-oh!

Did my usual (almost) weekly library run today. One for me, two for Emmie. I’ve had “Dumplin” on my to-be-read list for years, but just never got around to reading it. Then when Netflix made it into a movie, I bumped it to the top of my list, and put it on hold at the library. But I had to wait for months because apparently a lot of other people decided to do the same thing. Excited to read this, then finally watch the movie!

When I left Emerson at school this morning, there was a substitute in her room. Mrs. Q was out yesterday, and was not there this morning, and Emerson wasn’t sure how she felt about it. But as I was walking out of the hallway, Ms. Q walked in, and I said, “Oh I’m glad you’re here, because Emerson is upset without you!” Then later we got these first two pictures with a caption saying Emerson was so excited to see her when she got there this morning!

And then we got so many other great photos today from her teachers! You can clearly tell she was just being so silly and having a great time outside on the playground! (They put their jackets on backwards sometimes, to keep them from unzipping & taking them off.)

And then these next two group photos came with a sweet caption too, that said, “Stacking blocks after Art time! I have the best Bunch of kids! Thank you all for sharing your little people with me- Ms. Q.”

Yesterday, we only got one photo from her teachers, but I forgot to share it here. But it’s too funny not to include today. please make sure you notice that she’s wearing two different shoes! It appears her and her friends were switching and sharing shoes again!

This book with the yellow school bus than it is her current favorite, because of her obsession with The Wheels On The Bus song. she asks for it specifically by saying “book,” and doing her “wheels go around” motion with her little arms. It’s so cute!

While waiting a few minutes for Daddy to get home, we read a few more books at home, and she started snacking on some cereal… I swear this girl is constantly eating these days!

For dinner, we had Taco Tuesday, using my go to ground turkey. I always saute onions whenever I make ground turkey, but these were a little extraordinary tonight. I got them in my Walmart grocery pick-up order last night, so I didn’t pick them out myself, but when I opened the bag, I literally laughed out loud at how humongous they were! Especially considering I also got the tiniest little taco shells! The onion was bigger than the taco shell!

I usually use a whole onion, but that’s when they’re about the size of an apple. Tonight, I used less than half, and it was still way more than enough! I ordered three onions, but as big as these are, they will last me a long time!

Three mini, street-taco-sized turkey tacos, and a side of yellow rice. And supper was sooo good tonight! I also heated up the tortillas in a skillet on medium heat, which made them seem almost like they were freshly made!

There were also lots of leftovers from tonight, so I prepped stuff for Jeff to make tacos at work tomorrow, and I made myself a taco salad, which I’m already super excited to eat!

We played for just a few minutes after dinner, before her bath time. She was living her baby doll, saying “babbyyy” so sweetly.

And then my phone died! Well, the battery died. It’s been charging during bath time, night-night time, and kitchen cleaning time, so I’m back up & running now. And now it’s time for parent rest time! Night friends!

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