Four Puppies

Emmie wore a cute new puppy outfit to school today, and she was ready for a new week! (Side note – we’ve purchased and grown out of at least three other similar outfits, that were bought simply because they have a weiner dog on them, which is the kind of doggie we have! So we now have four puppy outfits!)

November 2018

July 2018

April 2018 (Look hard, the balloons are tied to a silver dog.)

And hasn’t she just changed so much over the last year?! I can hardly stand it!

At lunch today, Aunt Suzanne and I went on our weekly Monday walk, and it was a great walk, and a beautiful day! We also took a tiny detour (that little blip in the map off of Lafayette), to visit our first married house together, which we loved! And it still looks exactly the same, except the yard desperately needs to be mowed!

Our little turquoise house was built sometime around the 1920’s, and sits directly next the railroad. Seriously, like 20 yards away… It was originally built as a tiny duplex (with just a main front room & bedroom on each side), and later updated, opened into one house, with one of the main front rooms becoming the kitchen, and a bathroom added onto the back. It was still tiny though, at less than 800 sq ft, but we loved it! (This old Instagram post was the best photo of the house I could find, so I just took a screenshot from my phone.) Also, we’ve “named” and “hashtagged” all of our houses, and this one was Pullen Depot, since it was right on the train tracks. (After that was our duplex on Park Avenue, simply named Pullen’s on Park, and currently we’re Pullen’s Cozy Corner, which this site is named for.)

Since we watched the new-ish movie “Bohemian Rhasody” over the weekend, I spent most of today listening to Queen’s Greatest Hits, and the movie soundtrack. The movie was so good, and the soundtrack was great! As was their greatest hits album of course. I knew about half of the soundtrack songs, but others I didn’t realize were theirs, or I had never even heard before. (Growing up, we listened to more Elton John, Vince Gill & the Little River Band, rather than Queen.)

After work, I picked up Emerson, and then drove straight to Walmart, for our grocery pick-up order. It was ready and waiting when I got there, so we just loaded it into the car, and headed home. Jeff stayed at work late, and then went straight to church for his monthly Deacon’s meeting, so it was just Emmie & Mommy at home tonight! Even though I had just picked up groceries, I ended up just swinging through Steak & Shake for dinner, because it’s really difficult to cook with a toddler clinging to you, while you’re home by yourself. (And she is always super clingy in the evenings.)

We had dinner together, and read some books together, and had some sweet playtime. Eventually it was time for her to go to bed, so we put on her jammies, and started our usual night-night routine.

And even though she ate half of her grilled cheese, and lots of fries, she still walked over in the kitchen saying “eat, eat” and led me to the cabinet where she saw the cereal while I was putting away groceries… This girl!

This was our favorite new library book we read tonight. Super cute story about a girl who learns that failing doesn’t mean everything works the first time, but that quitting is failing. It’s definitely way over her reading level, but I had seen it around before and wanted to read it, and I loved it! Very much a “girl power” kind of book.

She went to sleep really easily for me tonight, which is a great thing, because ever since I left work, I’ve developed a sinus headache. So now I’m off to grab some meds to hopefully knock it out, and I think I’ll find a show to watch on Netflix before Jeff gets home. And then I’m gonna try to go to bed early tonight.

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