Green Donuts

Baby girl wanted to play with all of her farm animals on the way to church this morning.

And after I got dropped off at church early for praise team rehearsal, Emerson and Daddy went to Dunkin Donuts for a special breakfast treat!

We had a really good Sunday school class today, followed by great worship and a great sermon. It was overall just a really great day at church. Jeff was also the Deacon of the day, so he was dressed really nice and a coat and tie. And look how sweet they were walking up to the car after church.

By the way, he’s totally wore his Hufflepuff tie today. As he was getting dressed at home this morning, I said, “really, that’s the tie you’re going to wear to be deacon of the day?” And he was like, “sure why not?!” And so he did!

Lunch at home, and then nap time for Emmie.

I rested a little bit too (and maybe napped for about 30 minutes), while Jeff worked on a friend’s computer for them. After Emmie woke up, her and I went back over to my parents’ house for a bit. Last year, Pepaw gave Emerson a green donut on St Patrick’s Day, and even though she was only about eight months old, and barely eating food yet, she ate a half of it! So he wanted to get her some donuts again today. and even though she dived right in when he showed her the box and took a bite immediately, she ended up putting it back in the Box. She came back and forth and got a few more bites while she played, but she didn’t eat as much as we were expecting her to, especially since we know how much she loves sweets!

At one point, she was even holding one in each hand!

We were going to try to let her ride in her little Jeep again today, but for some reason it didn’t charge after it was plugged in yesterday, so the battery was still dead today. So it looks like we’ll have to go back again next weekend and try again.

After leaving my parents house, we met Jeff over at his parents house, to have dinner with them since they got back in town this afternoon.

She didn’t get to ride in her Jeep today, but she did get to take a ride in her horse-drawn princess carriage!

But because she loves to help so much, she had to get out eventually and help push it back home. Then we took another walk down the street without the horse, and she was stopping to look at all of the rocks and leaves and sticks. And we got to meet and pet a really sweet yellow lab, that Emerson was just so excited about!

It was really easy to get Emmie to sleep tonight, because it was about 30 minutes past her bedtime, and she was super sleepy. She was nice & warm & cuddly & super sweet. And she went down in just a few minutes! Now it’s time to rest and relax, before starting another new week! Night friends!

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