Triplets & Toucans

First thing this morning, Emerson found my fuzzy socks, and put them on to wear like leg warmers. She looked so cute & funny!

Jeff left early to head to the day-long mission trip with our church, so we shared a simple breakfast of yogurt & bagel.

And then we went to hang out with Aunt Meggie, the triplets, and Grammy! We ended up just staying at their house, playing and photographing and feeding babies. And we had a great time! There was a bit of a melt-down from Emerson when all three of us were each bottle-feeding a baby, therefore Emmie wasn’t getting adequate attention. We had to do some juggling and pacifying and she finally calmed down, but not without some tears, screams & drool.

A few weeks ago when Grammy and I were shopping at Ross, we found a two-pack of Carter’s clothes with toucans, with the romper that Riley is wearing (far right), and the dress that Kensley is wearing (far left), but couldn’t find a third outfit for Ellie. So Grammy checked Carter’s online and found matching outfits for Ellie and Emerson that would coordinate with what we already found. So of course we had to all put them in them on the same day for photos! and let me tell you, taking photos of four girls is no easy task! I can’t imagine a year from now when all of them are on the move!

Also, today the babies turned three months old, and I got to be their photog! And I’m proud of how the 3-month photos turned out 😉

After all the photos, and the milk, it was time for their naps, so we settled them in their rock-n-play’s with their paci’s, and within 10-ish minutes, they were all out! And then we hit the road (after a few quick photos modeling in front of the garage), to make it home in time for Emerson’s nap.

I got her down for nap time almost instantly (she had lots of snacks at Meggie’s house, and wasn’t hungry for lunch), and then I had a plate of fruits & veggies for my lunch. (And lets be real, a handful of sea salt & black pepper chips as well.) But this was so good & so fresh!

Emmie slept for almost two hours, and I was completely lazy the whole time. I literally did nothing but watch TV. And it was so worth it. Once she woke up, she wanted more yogurt for her snack. Then Jeff got home, and we ran some errands to the library and to Publix.

We tried to have some quiet movie-rest time after getting back home (Jeff was exhausted), but this girl just wanted to play & put on excessive amounts of chapstick! Eventually, we went and sat on the front porch, watching for cars and talking about the rain.

Emmie actually took this photo.

We need to pressure wash this little bench, since it’s covered in pollen and springtime yuckiness, but we keep forgetting to get our pressure washer from my parents house, after letting them borrow it recently. So instead of getting our clothes dirty, I threw our outdoor blanket over it, and that worked perfectly!

Using Trader Joe’s store-bought raw pizza dough, I made homemade pizza tonight. While it was baking, I was washing dishes, when all of a sudden I heard little feet behind me. She had gotten this little stool and brought it over next to me, so she could stand up by me and watch. I gave her a few things to hold and pass me, and she really felt like a big helper. She is so sweet! I know I say this almost every day, but she really, honestly is so sweet and thoughtful.

I didn’t do anything fancy, just sauce pepperoni and cheese, plus a Caesar salad kit, put dinner into that being decent. It’s been a really long time since I’ve done homemade pizza like this, So it was kind of just an experiment. And honestly it was edible, but not anything to write home about, if you know what I mean. Do you guys make homemade pizza like this? What do you put on it, and how do you do it? Is it worth doing again, or is it worth just buying a frozen pizza to keep in the freezer for when we want one?

She screamed her way through a 60-second bath, and then I immediately handed her to Daddy to wrap up in a towel, and get her calmed down. And once she was dry and dressed, she was perfectly fine. Nana got her a couple new pairs of pajamas, so we busted them open tonight for this first pair. And they are so cute! Emerson loves the little cupcakes all over them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, baby girls fresh outta the bath, smelling like lavender soap, & wearing new/clean jammies are the sweetest.

I’ve officially decided that tonight’s dishes can wait until tomorrow afternoon, because I’m ready to just plop down and be lazy again. I’m going to paint my nails, while we finish the movie we started last night, called “Downsizing,” and I’m sure I’ll fall asleep on the couch by 10:00 or 10:30 at the latest, like the old lady I really am. 🤣

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