The Triplets are Here!!!

My alarms went off super early today, but it wasn’t hard to get out of bed, because I was so excited for the big day! I was up & moving quickly, and checked in at the hospital at 5:45am! I got there before Bo & Meg were hardly even awake, and I beat everyone else! My parents, then Bo’s parents, and their pastor all gathered around their need to pray before being wheeled to the O.R. for the C-section. We were all starting to tear up a bit by this point.

And then when they stopped in front of the lullaby bell (everyone gets to push it when you have a baby, & it plays a sweet lullaby throughout the entire Women’s Pavilion, but you do it beforehand when you have a C-section, verses of after when you have it naturally), and she pushed it three times, we were all crying a lot by then! It is such a sweet little moment!

After they took her back, which was around 7:15, Papa and I walked down to the cafeteria for breakfast, since they said it could take up to an hour and a half for them to finish. But once they got started, things moved very quickly. By the time Papa and I made the 10 minute walk across the hospital, got our food and sat down, it was 7:50. Around 8:10, Bo had texted to say the babies were all out, and they were finishing up! We later learned though, that the girls were all born before we had even gotten our food, at 7:45, 7:46 & 7:47!

Meanwhile back at home, Jeff was on Emmie duty for the morning, getting her dressed and ready for school, and then dropping off just in time for breakfast.

And then for whatever strange reason, she took only a 20-minute nap today! For months now, her school naps have consistently been 1.5 to 2 hours every day. So this super short one was so random!

Once the girls were born, and Bo got to hold each one & cut their cords, they took each of them back to the NICU, before finishing up Meg’s surgery. Bo came out to the waiting room to give us all the update, and told us when they were born, and how big each of them was. He also shared photos of everything. There was a medical student in the room, and they assigned him the job of photographer, and he did great, and they got such good photos of the whole process! (Those are private family moments only, but they will be cherished!) Bo showed both sets of Grandparents the photos first, and when it was my turn to see, I just stood there bawling as he scrolled through. The girls were perfect and beautiful, and I was overwhelmed with how amazing and miraculous they were!

After Meg was released from recovery, they took her back to the NICU to see the girls again, since she only briefly saw each one in the O.R. After a little more waiting, Bo was able to take us each back one at a time, and see the girls. They can’t be held right now (except by Meg & Bo), but we can stare at them and touch their tiny legs! I waited my turn, and I almost exploded when I finally saw them. I met Ellie first, and once again, I just stood there staring at her, bawling my eyes out. She was just so tiny, but so perfect, and I instantly loved her. And it hit me how much Megan loves Emerson, because I felt the same way about my new nieces.

Meet Kensley Hope: 4 lbs 2 oz; 18 in, 7:45am.

Meet Riley Lynn: 4 lbs 7oz; 17 3/4 in, 7:46am.

Meet Ellie Grace: 3 lbs 9oz; 17 1/2 in, 7:47am.

All three of the girls came out crying and breathing on their own. But the doctors just wanted to give Kensley and Riley a little extra oxygen to help them out a bit. Ellie is the smallest girl, but since she was likely fighting for space in the womb, she was already used to working hard, and is therefore the one breathing the best on her own. They are all in the NICU, but the doctors are all pleased with how healthy they are! Megan is also doing well, just super tired and sore, but recovering good so far. (But they’re still not up for too many visitors yet, outside of family and close friends.) But please keep all those prayers coming!

This time last year, Emerson was a teeny little mermaid girl!

And now she’s eating grilled cheese dipped in ketchup!

We didn’t take Emmie up to the hospital tonight, so that Meggie could get some rest. We will take her tomorrow, although she probably won’t get to meet her tiny cousins until they go home. We did however show her photos tonight, and her reactions were so stinking sweet!

We had a little bit of family play time tonight, and after such a big emotional day, I just held her tight and told her how much I loved her… and then she said, “eat, eat!” So she had some Cheerios for an after-dinner snack.

This weirdo put her socks on her hands like mittens, and was so proud of herself.

Then she out her socks on her feet, and
put her shoes on the wrong feet. Quite a fashion statement!

It was such an amazing, incredible day. These triplet girls are a miraculous gift from God, and I can hardly even believe they’re finally here! It’s such a strange thing to think about, that they were born 5 weeks early, and that they “should” still be inside Meg’s belly, all squished up and living off of her. But instead they’re out on their own, breathing the air, and learning what the world is like! Isn’t that just crazy to think about!? (It’s such a hard thought to even articulate, much less grasp!)

But goodness gracious I love them so much already. And I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow!

And on the off-chance anyone somehow missed their whole story with infertility and their journey to get to this point today, click here.

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