Aliens & Video Games

Would y’all just look at this sleepy, squishy Tater Tot first thing this morning?! I wanna just cuddle this soft baby all day! In her little nightgown & slippies. Mmm! (Can y’all tell I’m obsessed with my child?)

At school this morning, she went straight to the kitchen and got started cooking breakfast. Y’all know how much she eats these days, so she had to take it into her own hands now!

I have no idea what this green thing is though. Suggestions?

This is Dr. Thompson, my sister’s “regular” obstetrician. And they love her! (They have also been seeing a high-risk doctor the whole time, whom they also love, Dr. Dobak.) She came by to check on them one last time before the girls arrive tomorrow. 😲

Today was outer space day at school, and the kids were supposed to dress up like an alien or an astronaut or something about outer space. Well, we didn’t do that, but this is the director, Ms. Renee, dressed up like an alien, visiting Emmie’s classroom! Apparently Emmie was the only one in her room that wasn’t scared of her antennae! (Edited to add – she had switched one shoe with a friend earlier, and was still wearing it!)

We only got one other photo from her teachers today, but it’s a cute little cheesey one!

I hadn’t planned ahead for dinner tonight, because I didn’t know if we would go up to visit at the hospital or not. We ended up not going, because Megan and Bo wanted to spend a whole day just by themselves, one last time before the triplets come. so instead of cooking at home, we ran down to get dinner at Burrito Boarder. Jeff had nachos and I had a burrito bowl, and we shared our food with Emmie. And we took turns playing Donkey Kong & Mario Kart.

We had a family dance party for a bit at home, played for a few minutes, and then got our tiny, super sleepy girl ready for bed. She wanted Daddy tonight, so he held while we read books and I said night-night prayers. I got lots of kisses before heading out, and then she snuggled in so sweetly on his shoulder.

Megan’s C-section is scheduled for pretty early tomorrow morning, and I plan to be at the hospital before she gets taken back. Which means I have a really early morning as well! So I’m going to make sure my Kindle is charged, read my library book a little, and then try to go to sleep early tonight, so I can be well rested for a big day tomorrow!

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