Barnyard Buddies

OK first of all look how this girl was sleeping this morning, with her little legs all sprawled out and her arms behind her head. I’m dying!

And then look at this little face that greeted me when I went in to get her out of bed!

She was doing some more wiping at school today, and her teacher told her she should submit her resume to work there.

Then she found this little drum and started playing with it, which was a good distraction for me to slip out of the room. (Poor little thing had a bruise on her cheek from where she tripped and fell yesterday.)

Today at work we had a visit from a travelling book fair! They come a couple times a year, and we always go down to check things out. I actually didn’t buy anything today though… this same book Fair had been at my mom’s office yesterday, and she told me she got some things for Emerson and the triplets. And Aunt Suzanne had already gotten something from there for Emerson as well! But it was still fun to go look around for a little while.

And again today, I had leftovers for lunch, and read my library book.

Here are the pictures from Emerson’s teachers…

Megan is exactly 34 weeks pregnant today with her triplet girls! She has been on hospital bedrest for the last two weeks, but she’s doing excellent! And the babies will be here in just a couple of days!

After work, Emerson and I met Grand mommy, uncle Keith, and Aunt Suzanne for dinner at McAlister’s before church.

And this is the little surprise treat Aunt Suzanne got Emerson from the book fair today. It’s a little cloth barn, with tiny barnyard animals inside. There’s a pig, duck, cow, and horse, and when you press each of them, they make their animal noise. She was so excited about it!

She liked it so much in fact, that she didn’t want to leave it in the car when we got to church, so we had to bring it in with us!

As we were getting in the car to head home after church, Emerson kept saying, “eat eat!” So once we got home, she had applesauce and a cookie for a bedtime snack.

It’s only 9:15, but I’m feeling really tired already. I’m sure I’ll end up falling asleep on the couch pretty soon!

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