Cayman Islands Dress

Emmie wanted to start the day off the football in our nightgowns…

I told her we should at least eat some breakfast first though!

While I cooked, she ate half a banana and half a Pop-Tart, and then she ate one scrambled egg.

And then she had an early bath today, so I could get her cleaned up and dressed up, and ready for her 20-month photos!

Emerson is 20 months old today! She’s wearing mostly 9-month size clothes (with some 9-12 mixed in), and size 3 diapers. She’s still about 19 pounds, somewhere around the 5th percentile.

She’s still obsessed with all animals, but especially dogs. She also loves watching the “Wheels on the Bus” video on YouTube, and doing the motions along with it. She is learning so many words right now, and we’re constantly impressed by what & how much she knows. We’re also constantly amazed by how much she eats! (She basically never stops snacking.)

It’s definitely getting trickier to keep her still long enough for these monthly photos, but at this point, I really want to make it to two years!

We got this little dress for her in her Cayman Islands, on our fifth anniversary cruise back in October, but it was too big for her then. And then it got too cold for this kind of dress. So when we finally tried it on her, she had already outgrown it! We put it on today just long enough for some photos, then we’ll pack it away with all her other tiny things.

Jeff mowed the lawn today (for the first time since last fall), and it looks so nice!

Emmie and I stood outside watching him for a long time, and she was captivated watching him just walk back and forth. She kept saying “daddyyyy” and waving at him, and it was super adorable. Once e as one, she hung out with him on the back patio for about 10 minutes, while I took a super fast shower. Right as I came back, she was sitting on the tiny ledge on the sliding glass door swaying and dancing to the wheels on the bus video, and she lost her balance and toppled sideways. She caught herself on her hands, but scraped her poor little keg up pretty good. It wasn’t bleeding or anything, but she’s got scraped all down her shin. The pain on her leg, coupled with the pre-nap sleepiness, made her super upset of course, so she was crying and slobbering and snotting everywhere. I got her cooled down with a wet paper towel, and then rocked her in her room until she calmed down, and eventually fell asleep for her nap.

And then I headed back up to the hospital to visit Megan and Bo and the triplets! Well first, I stopped and got some food for them for lunch, and then I went up there. I got to hang out with Meggie and help her with some things (I know just how hard C-section recovery is), and I also got to go with Bo to the NICU to say hi to all the girls. They are all still doing well. Riley & Kensley are still on oxygen, but Ellie & Kensley got to actually eat today, from bottles! So that’s great! Megan and Bo were also able to hold all of them, and do skin-to-skin time with them as well. Megan is still super sore and uncomfortable, and hates being separated from the girls! But she’s doing well.

My Mama decorated the door to Megan’s family unit door! It’s so cute!

While I was at the hospital for about 5 hours, Emmie took a nice long nap, and then once she woke up, Jeff and Emerson met Nana (Jeff’s mom) for some shopping at Marshall’s.

And Jeff bought Emmie her very own baby!

After I left the hospital, I met them all at Red Robin for dinner.

And then we went back to their house for just a bit, to help put out the new living room rug, and hang some new curtains. (She’s slowly updating their living room, and it’s starting to come together!) Emmie always loves playing with all of these beads when we’re there.

Emmie wanted to wear this hat during bedtime reading.

And she once again wanted Daddy to put her to sleep. I got lots of smooches first, and then he was able to get her down pretty easily tonight. I’m currently burning this new melt from my MIL in my Scentsy, and it smells so yummy in here!

I’ve had a headache for most of the day (thank you pollen for messing with sinuses), and it’s been such a busy couple of days, so I’m super tired! Heading to bed in three, two, one…

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