The Most Perfect Spring Saturday

Today was literally the most perfect spring day in Florida! The girls woke up very early this morning (as always), and while I dozed on & off on the couch, and Jeff was still asleep, the girls made a “zoo” in the dining room. Very, very cute.

We all had cereal when we finally got up and moving around 7:30, and then I got dressed to head to Walmart. I went inside to look for a few specific things (and grab the dish sponges I forgot to add to our pickup order), and then went around to the side of the store for our grocery pickup order.

We got the groceries put away, Jeff started a load of clothes, I washed up a ton of dirty dishes (so many that I ran out of hot water), Jeff and Emmie cleaned up the living room, and Emmie and Addie cleaned up their zoo. Then after we did all of our chores, Emerson picked out clothes for her and Addison, and got them both dressed while I finished up a few things.

Then we met Aunt Meggie and the triplets at the park right by our house for a park & picnic play date! The girls ran wild on the play set and the surrounding area for an hour, screaming and screeching and playing hide & seek and “magical cave” and petting all the doggies that came by. All while Meg and I sat in the “bag chairs” I brought for us, just chilling and chatting and occasionally mediating.

After about an hour, we put away our chairs, and grabbed our lunch bags and boxes and waters, and crossed the boardwalk to find a secluded, shady picnic table by the lake for our picnic lunch.

We brought Lunchables for all the little girls, and I made my own grown-up lunchable with pepperoni, salami, provolone, dill & sweet gherkins, and some multi-seed crackers. And it was sooo good. And it was a good thing I put more in it than I needed, because I shared all of it with pretty much everyone at the table. 🤣 It was actually a good thing both Meg and I packed tons of food and snacks, because these girls went through every single thing we brought! Lunchables (6!), cantaloupe, bananas, chips, crackers, gummies, pickles, cheese crackers, cheetos, and Meg had even packed some Sweet-tarts ropes for everyone as a dessert treat.

Group hug to end the day, after we got back to the vehicles.

It was Addison’s nap time when we got back home, but Emmie didn’t want to nap. So I let her stay up and do a little sand art out on the back porch instead. And so I decided to re-do my nails out on the back porch too.

Emerson wanted to make their little play house look more like a real house. So she pulled it next to our bird feeder, snagged my new turquoise pinwheel for herself, added the little plastic play-set flowers, I found the flag for her, and we plan to make her a little potted plant in that black planter on the side, once we get some more soil tomorrow. She was very proud of herself.

And here’s how her cute little sand art craft turned out! She got this from after school care the other day but just didn’t have time to do it that day, so they let her bring it home. And she was very proud of this project too.

Addie slept for about 2 hours (Jeff had been doing yard work while we were at the park, then showered and napped a little bit too), but once she woke up, we made our way over to Nana & PopPop’s house. Look at these beautiful flowers at her mailbox. There are actually like 20 of them, I should have taken a picture of the whole area.

We ended up spending even more time outside, playing with the axe throwing game, and some new corn hole tables Nana just got, and kept enjoying the beautiful weather.

Annnnd also playing with some long, skinny worms.

We did go inside long enough to eat a light dinner. Nana got a giant Costco caesar salad kit, a couple rotisserie chickens, and a large container of shrimp cocktail; I don’t like cocktail sauce, but I added the shrimp to my Caesar salad, and it was soooo good and light and I still ate like 10 more shrimps just drowning in fresh-squeezed lemon juice.

And then we were back outside to play on the back porch and the girls ate some fresh fruit popsicles.

We did bath time for these sweet babies at Nana’s house, and hung out in their jammies just a few more minutes before it was time to head home. Look how precious they were, just loving and snuggling, giving goodnight hugs before heading off their separate ways.

Today was such a wonderful day with family in the most perfect Florida weather, and we really did spend almost the entire day outside enjoying it. We got things done around the house, but we also had time for fun and family and good food and a little down time at home. And it was just the best kind of spring Saturday in Florida.

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