This girl is funny right away when she wakes up at 6am; always in a silly goofy mood, wrapped up in a shower curtain.

She was very proud of her Minnie Mouse dress for school today.

And Emmie and Daddy were basking in the morning sunlight at school drop-off.

Megan and I went out for sister lunch today. We were both in the mood for butter chicken, so she picked me up from the office and we went to Essence of India. We literally both ordered the butter chicken, plus some samosas and of course garlic naan.

Have y’all seen the ads for the new pizza puffs from Little Caesar’s lately? Well I’ve had the ads in my Facebook for weeks, and I was dying to try them. So Jeff ordered pizza for us before he left his office, and he picked it up on his way home, while I picked up the little girlies. We didn’t even use any plates, just enjoyed our outside time and our yummy casual pizza dinner.

New $1 glasses I got for the girls recently, that are cute but also look a little like bug eyes 🤣

Emerson scooped up a little roly-poly and put it in this nature kit thingy she has (which she had already filled with dirt and grass and such), and was very proud of her work.

And then we wanted some Friday night ice cream, so we made a quick trip to Publix for a few treats (and toilet paper, since we had literally half of a roll left in our house).

And you can see here, Addison very easily popped the lenses out of those cheap $1 sunglasses. So they didn’t last lone, but they’re kind of cuter like this almost!

My little 6-going-on-16-year-old looks so big and grown up reading another library book for bedtime tonight, just so sweet. I loved watching her read to herself, and smile and chuckle while she read.

Jeff and I have just one more episode left of the Netflix series we’ve been watching, and I’m eager to finish it tonight!

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