Callie the Caterpillar

For the first time in a few months, neither Jeff nor I were serving anywhere at church this morning, so we didn’t have to be there early. Emerson specifically requested a bagel with strawberry cream cheese, so we went to Dunkin for a quick breakfast across from the church. Then we just casually strolled into church at 9:55, for it to start at 10am, and it was so easy but so weird too!

And then we didn’t have anything to do after church either, so we got take-out from Bagel Bagel (because then I was the one craving a bagel sandwich), and took it home for lunch.

Emmie was crying about something (I don’t even remember what), but Addie came over to love on her, and was rubbing her back, and kept touching her face and saying “Sweeethearrrrt.” And it really was the cutest, sweetest thing you’ve ever seen.

Addison went down for her afternoon nap, but Emerson didn’t want to sleep. We watched a few of our favorite YouTube vloggers with her, and then she wanted me to take her to the Dollar Tree to pick out decorations for her little playhouse, since she decided to spruce up the place yesterday 😉

We also did a fast shopping trip through Walmart, to get her a few more pairs of shorts for the spring/summer, now that it’s very warm and she doesn’t want to wear pants anymore.

Emmie set everything up when we got back home, and was itching for Addie to wake up from her nap. Once she had been asleep for about 3 hours, I let Emerson go wake her up, and she led her out with her eyes shielded, so she could surprise her with the new playhouse decor upgrades.

We had Daddy run back out to get us a bag of potting soil (since we forgot it), and then we planted a little wildflower seedpod thingy, watered it really well, and then finalized everything.

I sat outside and let them play and go on adventures all over the backyard. They were out there in their nice church dresses, checking out a dead snake (we think Jeff mowed over it yesterday actually) and catching a caterpillar in Emmie’s little bug-catcher container.

Very mesmerirzed staring at Callie the Caterpillar.

Got this cute little yard sign at the Dollar Tree today too.

Put together a quick snacky-style dinner for everyone tonight, with a caramelized onion flatbread from Trader Joe’s, and more of the charcuterie-style-lunchable goodies from yesterday for Jeff and I, plus mac & cheese and a fruit plate for the girls. It felt so perfect and light for a Sunday springtime supper and I loved it. Especially since I put it all together in 10 minutes with minimal effort and no real cooking…

And even thought we’d been outside for about 4 hours, we had to spend just 10 more minutes outside after dinner before going in to start on bedtime. But first, Emmie had a meltdown when we made her release Callie the Caterpillar, so it wouldn’t die in the container. She was very emotionally attached to the caterpillar, very quickly, and was honestly crying about letting it go.

Once the girls were in their jammies, we settled down to watch the new, extended-length episode of Bluey, and it was so cute. If you’ve seen it yet, did you also cry (way too much), during the last 10 minutes? If you haven’t seen it yet, beware, it’s emotional!

I read Emerson her bedtime book (and she cried about missing Pretzel and wanting a dog and I assured her we would start looking in the summer after a few trips we have coming up), and then she was asleep easily. I think she was worn out from skipping a nap, and then having her little meltdown about the caterpillar, followed by the meltdown about missing a dog.

Then I came out of Emmie’s room, to find Addie flopped out sound asleep on Daddy’s legs in the recliner. She had a really great nap today, but apparently she was still exhausted herself by the time bedtime came around.

We need to do our typical Sunday night chores to get ready for the new week, but the girls are in bed a little earlier than usual tonight, so we’ve still got a couple hours to ourselves before our typical bedtime…

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