Special Spectators

Little cutie girlies ready for school this morning! Addie brought me a tiny pony-tail holder and wanted me to do her hair, because it was getting in her eyes and bothering her. And I think this tiny top knot turned out adorable on her!

Checking for birdies out in the front yard.

After school & work, I picked up Emerson to take her to gymnastics tonight. And Jeff picked up Addie, who was excited to see him as always.

And she was also excited to see Uncle Bo in the hallways!

We had two special spectators come visit us at the gym tonight, to sit with me and watch Emerson’s gymnastics class. I loved having them with me, and they loved watching Emmie. Today was actually Grandmommie’s first time coming to watch, and so she was obviously so very impressed with our tiny gymnast!

I tried out this new crock pot recipe for ranch chicken that my mama sent me the other day, getting everything in early this morning before work. So when Jeff and Addie got home, he just had a few things to finish up to complete dinner. Him and Addie ate once it was ready, and then I just scooped up our bowls when Emmie and I got home. And it was so good! This one will definitely be added to the rotation of crock pot meals, since it was super easy and very cream and delicious.

And due to our late night schedule, it was immediately time to go through Bluey & books bedtime routine, for my sweet, sleepy baby girls.

I put away the leftover’s earlier tonight already, but I’m just not in the mood to wash dishes, so I’m just not gonna do it! Gonna just sit down and watch some tv with hubby instead…

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