Oceans of Fun

Emerson was dressed and ready for her 1st grade musical. They did a little performance for some of the other grades this morning during school, as a dress rehearsal for the show tonight. And Addison was excite to wear her sister’s hand-me-down dino dress!

Addie made a brown bear at school today.

After work, we had a super fast dinner with Grammy at Jimmy John’s then rushed Emerson back to school to drop her off in time for her musical. All of the first grade classes learned a cute little sea-creature-themed song, and they rotated around, taking turns all singing their songs. They also had a 4th & 5th grade group that played some stringed instruments, and the Grizzly Groove band that sang/changed and played those African/tribal type stand-up drums I can’t remember the name of…

It was all very cute, but unfortunately it was PACKED and there were no seats by the time we got back there, so we had to stand in the very, very back for the whole 1.5 hours. Grammy & Jeff took Addison to play outside on the front benches, while I kept watch to tell them when it was Emmie’s turn, so they could come back in. But, can you even handle this pic my mom took of Addie Pie!? Beautiful!

So here’s one low-quality, very zoomed-in photo of her performance, from the very back of the cafeteria…

Jeff was able to get a video of her class singing their lobster song, with her sweet little special needs friend next to her who was stealing the show 😉



Addison didn’t finish her whole sandwich at dinner, so we brought it home, and Daddy held it for her, and she ate another few big bites, while giving me some serious side-eye, for no apparent reason 🤣 (Also, check out that giant bump & bruise on her head, from when she tripped and fell at the park this past weekend. Poor little nugget.)

And here’s a special solo, encore performance of Emerson’s lobster song, sung acapella for your viewing pleasure 🙂



It was almost 8:30 by the time we got home and changed and settled down, then got started on our usual bedtime routine. Emmie read her library book once, and then asked me to read to her again for a second time, so she’d be ready to take her AR (reading comprehension) test on it tomorrow.

Tonight was chaotic, but fun! And now it’s time to wind down and relax before bed…

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