The First Day of School

Okay, okay. I know Emerson isn’t actually in “grade school” yet like everyone else who went back to school in Leon County, but she did start her new classroom at daycare today, and that counts in my book! Plus, Growing Room operates on the same calendar as all other LCS schools, so it was a big day around GR for everyone! She was super excited to start in her new class this morning! She didn’t shed even one tear, or fuss one bit when it was time for me to leave. She was just ready to play with all the new things!

And then at lunch time, I ran to Winn Dixie (sadly, the only left in town now that they closed a few back in the spring), and enjoyed some quiet, alone, shopping time. I actually really like WD stores (all the BOGO’s!), and miss living 1/2 a mile from one, like when we lived in our duplex on Park Avenue, before we bought our current house. Anyways, we needed fresh veggies, and canned veggies, and some things for Jeff and I to take to work for our lunches, and all went well. But then I kicked the buggy wheel on accident when I was leaving the store, and completely destroyed my poor pinky toe.

And while I was on my grocery shopping lunch break, we got a couple of photos of my baby girl sleeping on her new big girl cot! And I just about died from the cuteness! It’s just too precious. But also killed me because she seemed so big! She only slept for 49 minutes (although she definitely could have used another hour or so), but hopefully she’ll get used to the cot more, and the schedule, and sleep longer throughout the week.

After her short, tiny nap, she instantly fell asleep in the car. Then while I was getting dinner ready at home tonight, the boys took care of Emerson, and played with her so sweetly. They came and got my phone, so they could take a ton of photos of her, and it was just all so cute.

She fought bedtime (of course), but eventually fell asleep on her own. I then washed a crap ton of dishes (good grief all the dishes!), and now I’ve blogged during an episode of Gilmore Girls. 

Also, remember a while back, my post about some sad news our family got? Well today, we got some good news regarding that same situation, and we’re all just super stinking excited about it!! We’re still praying over it for now, but eventually we’ll be able to share it. For now though, we’re thanking the Lord for the news from today!

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