Promotion Sunday & Pepaw’s Birthday

Today was promotion Sunday at church, so all the school-age students got moved up to the next Sunday school classroom for the year. (Well, not Emmie and her group, they promote based on skills more than age at this point.) But some lovely volunteers with the youth group (Hey Mrs. Annette, Mrs. Penny, and Mr. Tom!) made breakfast for the youth group. They set up a griddle & made pancakes and bacon right in the hallway, and they had plenty to go around, so they invited our class of young adults to grab some as well. Mr. Tom even made the bagels himself! Impressive right?

Emerson of course fell asleep as soon as we were in the car, because she just had way too much fun with all her friends in Sunday school and church time.

After leftover Chinese food at home (from Friday night), I got Emerson laid down to take a nap, and then I laid down to take a nap too, with Pretzel curled up beside me. Jeff was sleeping off a migraine, and the boys just hung out playing on their phones and resting themselves. Emmie ended up sleeping about 3 full hours, and woke up in such a fun, happy mood!

We got ready to head out again, and then went to the Centre at Tallahassee. While we were browsing Hibbett Sports, Gabe remembered that he had let Pretzel out before we left, and couldn’t remember if he had let him back in again. So I pulled up the home security cam in the living room and looked for him, and even tried calling & whistling for him over the speaker. But he didn’t respond, and we didn’t see him, so we had to run back home. Jeff went out to find him standing on top of the table on the back patio, and got him back inside. And then we ran back to the Centre again, to meet my family for my dad’s birthday dinner at Dreamland!

Then we all caravan-ed over to Dairy Queen for dessert. I had the most delicious s’mores mini blizzard, and it was one of the best ones I’ve ever had. I’m going to have to fight the urge to get another one tomorrow, and I’m not really even an ice cream person… But Emerson really had the most fun, because she just got passed around the family, trying bites of everyone’s ice cream, and getting to drink water out of a straw, which she’s really, really loving now.

Oh, and a quick story about the boys… They’re really into asking random questions, and knowing what our “favorites” are, and playing would you rather with crazy things they think up. For example, Ryan asked me, “Would you rather be given $5,000 or 5 minutes to get anything you want in Best Buy?” Or another one, “Would you rather have a really, really nice car, or a really, really nice house?” Then when Jeff and I both answered “house,” Ryan said, “but what’s ‘nice’ to you, like, what’s your perspective of ‘nice’?” So we explained we love our current house, but if we could renovate all the bathrooms and the kitchen, it would be perfect, because we don’t need a mansion. We’ve gone through hundreds of these questions in the last week, and some of them are just so random and hilarious. I’ll try to remember some more of them throughout the week, since this is their last week here with us this summer. And now I just realized I don’t have a single photo of them from today! They’re not too big on photos anyways, and it usually takes 5 minutes of begging and convincing before I can get a decent one.

Emerson got to stay up late celebrating Pepaw with dinner and ice cream, so she was more than ready to get to sleep once we got home. New jammies, hot milk, and she was out like a light! I also got all of her clothes laid out for the week, and we’re all ready to start the new school year tomorrow, in her new classroom!

Today was another great day (we’ve been blessed with lots of good lately), and we’re ready to start a new week tomorrow morning!

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