Taquito Tuesday Returns

Today was pink day at Growing Room, and Addie looked so cute in her tiny pink shorty-shorts.

Emerson also chose to wear pink today as well, and was very cute in her pink bunny dress.

For the first time in a long time, we had our favorite chicken & cheese taquitos for dinner tonight. We used to have this a lot more frequently, but I kinda forgot about them for a while. It’s such an easy meal though, and everyone loves it. Addie had like 3 helpings of rice & beans (she’s obsessed with black beans and has been her whole life), and Emmie had 3 full taquitos.

Jeff was doing some more yard work again tonight, so he didn’t eat dinner with us. But the girls got some outside time in the backyard after dinner, playing in their little pink house.

The girls were a little riled up after playtime, so it took some time getting calmed down once we came inside. We horsed around together on my bed, playing and tickling and giggling. Then Emmie got changed, and she helped Addie get changed, and I cleaned up the dinner and made up a plate to set aside to save for Jeff.

Then after a couple short Bluey episodes, I put on one of the “sleepy videos” we like to listen to, and both girls were sound asleep on either side of me on the couch in just a few minutes.

Jeff got everything finished up outside, took a quick shower, and then finally ate dinner. I washed up dishes earlier while dinner was actually cooking, so there’s not much left, but I’m just gonna leave it there for the night. Time to just veg out on the couch with some tv time now, then a little reading before bed.

I actually finished this adorable time travel rom-com audio book earlier today, and it was absolutely precious. It would make a super cute movie, centered around a really cute NYC apartment. Crossing my fingers it becomes a movie one day…

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