Kung Fu Panda

Spring in Florida means short-shorts and t-shirts, paired with a fuzzy winter coat for the chilly mornings 🤣

This cool cat thought she was something’ else in those little sunnies.

And you guys – she is getting really good at potty training at school. So much so, that she’s started wearing tiny little unders during the day. She was very proud to bring in a few more pairs today in her little bag.

These pictures we got from daycare today said they were learning about plants and planting, and got to play in the dirt!

I didn’t have to be at church early tonight (finally got a night off!), so we had plenty of time to eat dinner at Burger King, complete with crowns and Panda Po’s ice cream Sundae (or whatever it was called). These little faces in these pictures are the girls saying “kuuung foooo!!”

We had a nice night at church for our prayer and praise service, and then got loaded up in the rain as things started getting super rainy and windy. It was nice to make it home safe and sound and dry and cozy in our home, cuddled up and getting ready for bed.

It was much later than their usual bedtime when we got the girls down, but they did fall asleep quickly and easily.

Due to the storm rolling in overnight and early tomorrow morning, all of the schools have a delayed start time tomorrow. So we gotta figure out what exactly we’re doing with that, but it’s gonna be a bit of a weird morning, that’s for sure. Praying everyone stays safe!

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