Solar Eclipse

Look at this tiny precious girl, who climbed in Mommy & Daddy’s bed early this morning around 5am. She snuggled herself right up in the middle of us, and went straight back to sleep, and stayed that way even once the lamps started turning on.

I was a busy bee this morning, slicing a giant red onion and whisking together a sauce for some crock pot bourbon chicken. I thought I had made this recipe before (it’s been saved in my email since 2022), but I can’t find any blog posts talking about it (and I can pretty much always find what I want in my old posts), so maybe this is actually the first time? It involves a whole host of ingredients (as Meg would say, “holy ingredients!”), but I actually had all of this on hand already, except the apple juice, so it wasn’t too bad.

And y sweet little girls wanted to get back to sister pics on the front steps again, now that it’s getting lighter again in the mornings before school.

And I know everyone under the sun (haha, pun intended) knows we had a solar eclipse today! Here in Florida, we weren’t in the “path of totality” (I love how the news and weather spits out these phrases that we all adopt and use freely, having never even heard it before), but it was still really cool! I went outside with some coworkers right around 3pm, and although we didn’t have glasses of our own, there was a guy who shared with us, so we could each have a quick look. Jeff took these pictures a few blocks away from me at his office, as some people were sharing glasses there with them as well.

Tonight was another gymnastics night, and I got in some reading while Emmie did all her handstands and cartwheels and what-not’s.

When we got back home from the gym, Jeff had gotten everything finished up and ready for dinner, so we just fixed bowls for everyone, and then headed outside to eat dinner on the back patio. We had the bourbon chicken over jasmine rice with some broccoli, and it really was super delicious.

With the late night at the gym, and a later-than-normal dinner, it was time to get ready for bed immediately after we finished eating. So I got all the bowls rinsed out and leftovers put away, while Jeff worked on switching over the laundry he started earlier. Then we watched some NASA video clips of the eclipse, since Emerson didn’t get to see it since she didn’t have glasses. Addison started falling asleep while we were watching Bluey, and then once we did prayers and lullabies in Emerson’s room, she was sound asleep as well.

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