Church All Day

My girls were looking particularly adorable in their completely matching outfits again for church this morning.

Jeff and I both sang in the GC praise choir this morning, so we were all there at 8am, and had an awesome service. We also had a special guest speaker today, who shared his incredible testimony. He was one of the only 18 survivors of the Twin Towers attack on 9/11. He worked on the 81st floor of the South Tower, and was in his office (with views of the Statute of Liberty) when the plane hit the corner of the building. He and another man made their way down all the stairs together, broken, bruised, injured, bleeding and inhaling all the smoke. It was truly an incredible story – click here if you want to watch our service on YouTube and hear his story.

After church, Jeff took the girls out to lunch, and then home for nap time. I stayed at church for lunch a meeting/training for GC Kids volunteers, specifically for those of us that work in the preschool room.

I made it home around mid-afternoon after the meeting, took a very short nap, and then we got ourselves together to head back up to the church again, for dinner and Connect Groups. We had delicious Swedish meatballs, and a really great small group learning about and discussing contemplative prayer.

When we got home, Jeff and I had discussed a list of 5 quick chores we needed to get done, so we flew through those things, plus put away the leftovers that we were able to bring home from church tonight. We got the girls into their sleepy shirts and they had some snacks while we watched Bluey. Just like last night, Addie was asleep very quickly and easily, but Emmie needed extra snuggles from both mommy & daddy tonight.

Of the 5 chores we did when we got home, Jeff and I both have to finish the second half of two of those things (he has to move the load of laundry he started into the dryer, and I need to wash up some dishes after dumping out some containers).

I feel like I was at the church for almost the entire day today, and I did actually eat all three of my meals today at the church. It was a good day though! (And praise be for three free meals! Plus leftovers!) So now I’m just ready sit down and watch some tv before the start of a new week.

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