Springtime Parade

We met up with Nana this morning downtown for the beautiful Springtime Tallahassee parade and festival. It was a perfect spring day, and we had the best time!

We actually parked in my office parking lot (free and easy), and then walked up and over a few blocks, to get our spot for the parade. It was quite a hike up the hill, but it still worked out really great.

We also got a really great spot for the parade, and scored all the candy and beads. Plus a Frisbee, cardboard fan, and a reusable tote bag.

And of course Nana got the girls some cotton candy. This is Addie’s face when I told her we weren’t going to open it up yet though 🙂

Emerson was super excited to see the giant cake, but she was like, “I don’t think it’s real though Mommy.”


We walked around and found some lunch after the parade, visited a few of the crafts and vendors tents, and then made our way down to the kids’ area, where Emmie got to make a painting, and Addie sat through 2.5 books of story time.

Of course once we got back home, we got the girls into their beds for nap time immediately. I thought about napping, but instead I ran up to the new 7 Brew drive-thru coffee shop, for their “Swag Day.” If you bought a large coffee, you got a free t-shirt! And it was a good coffee, and a cute shirt!

After the girls napped for 2.5 hours, I had to wake them up right before 5pm. Jeff & Bo went to a men’s steak dinner at my parents’ church tonight, so Meg and I took the girls to meet up with Grammy and Grandmommie for a girls’ dinner at Sonny’s.

The girls splish-splashed around in the bathtub for a while when we got home, being so cute and silly and sweet together. I picked out this big t-shirt for Addie to wear, and Emmie went off to find her matching shirt as well. (These are VBS shirts from my parents’ church that they snagged for them, and they are the softest shirts ever.)

Addison was asleep pretty quickly once we did our usual stuff, but Emerson wanted some extra special cuddles tonight, so they’re still snuggling while I’m writing this. I’m sure they’ve both fallen asleep by now though. Gotta re-do my nails really quick now, before heading off to bed as well.

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