Look at these two matching cowgirls! Everything the same, from dresses to denim jackets to gold sandals, and sweet smiles!

I went into the office early today (going to squeeze in some overtime hours this coming week), so Jeff took both girls with him. They dropped off Emerson at Gilchrist first, and then he took Addison to the doctor’s office. Turns out, poor baby girl has a raging double ear infection. So much so, that the doctor was surprised she wasn’t screaming in pain because of how bad her ears were.

So after the doctor’s office, they went for breakfast at Chick-fil-A, to wait for the pharmacy to fill her prescription for antibiotics. She got to play for a while, and eat good food, and hang out with Daddy, so she was really living it up! They did eventually get her meds, and Jeff gave her the first dose before finally dropping her off at school.

Then tonight after work and school, we went to the church for a big family cookout. We had burgers and hot dogs and bounce houses and games. I sat at a table with Meg and a few girls, and we had ourselves a fun girls night, with the kids all scattered and playing and running wild and free. We did everything outside in the perfect spring weather, and it was such a nice night!

We tired to get the girls cleaned up a little bit at home, and then got them ready for bed. Emerson was exhausted and fell right asleep on the couch with me, but Addison wanted to be held by Daddy for a long time. Hopefully she’s ready to lay down in her bed now, and then we can have a little bit of tv time before I also fall asleep on the couch.

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