Yard-Mowing Season

I cannot stand how cute this precious girl is in this first photo, with this big gigantic smile!

And big sister and Daddy had some smiles before school drop-off today too.

I got stuck at work 30 minutes late tonight, so Jeff picked up the girls today. Then for dinner, we just had some leftovers from earlier this week, as we had lots of food in the fridge, even though I’ve been eating leftovers for lunch the past few days as well.

And then I let the girls have some chocolate for dessert, as you can obviously tell from Addison’s mouth 🤣

While we were enjoying our leftovers and chocolate, Jeff was actually outside mowing the yard. So once the girls finished eating and changed their clothes, we went out to check on him and wave at him. It was a little loud for Addie, but she was so sweet and couldn’t stop yelling “I LOVE YOU” and waving at him over and over.

It’s not summer yet, but our yard is definitely overgrown already. We’re back into yard-mowing season. And when I say “we,” obviously I mean “Jeff.” 🤣 But seriously, very thankful he takes care of this for our home.

These two little ones passed out on their mama on the couch again tonight, so sweet and sleepy and cuddly.

I need to go wash up some dishes now, from things that have piled up the last few days that I’ve been too lazy to deal with. So as usual on a Thursday, I’ll prop up my phone in the window sill above the kitchen sink, and watch Survivor while I wash dishes with my headphones on.

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