Sunday S’mores & A Photo Shoot

Sunday mornings are always crazy, but even more so when we have twin pre-teen boys in the house as well. We were running late in general, and we had stuff to do after church, so we were going to take 2 cars to church. So Emerson and I left, while the boys were finishing up. We got about 10 minutes away, and Jeff called to say they were all in the carport, and locked out of the house with no house or car keys. So we turned around. I unlocked the house for them, and pulled back out. I got about 2 minutes away this time, and he called again. This time to say he remembered where his keys actually were – in MY car. So I turned around for a second time. Eventually, we all made it to church, and were actually only about 20 minutes late. It could have been worse after all that though, right!? So then after all that I indulged in this super decadent s’mores donut during Sunday school, which was surprisingly good. 

And of course since she had so much fun during Sunday school and church with all her friends and teachers, she was asleep in the car almost instantly. Her and I came home together, while Jeff and the boys went to drive his dad to the airport. (Quick side note – Jeff’s oldest brother & his wife just got back from China, where they finished their second adoption, and now have 5 kids! {Thee biological, two adoptions from China.} Jeff’s mom has been with them in Nashville for the past week, and that’s why Jeff took his dad to the airport today, for him to go see them quickly too.)

After lunch & playtime, my girl was more than ready for a real nap in her bed. Unfortunately though, my little nap-fighter-girl fought HARD, for about  45 minutes. I love her to death, but man that’s frustrating. There was lots of rocking, and a bottle of hot milk, and shushing, and jiggling, and her noise machine, and a diaper change, and finally she fell asleep, and then she was just so sweet and tiny and cuddly, and I feel in love with her again after all the frustration. (Don’t miss that drool puddle on my shirt under her paci…)

Jeff and the boys got home from the airport trip right after I got her down for her nap. They played video games in the living room, and I took a much-needed nap in our bedroom. Baby girl woke up about 30 minutes before me, so Daddy & brothers played with her while I got more rest. Then they ran to Walmart for groceries and other hoopla, and Emerson and I had a little photo-shoot in this adorable dress! This was a gift from the hostess of my first baby shower last May, and this size 3-6month dress & bloomers finally fits my teeny almost-13-month-old girl! And this quilt was Emerson’s great-great-Grandmother’s! So much love.

Then we quickly went back inside to escape the heat and the mosquitoes, and Emerson just had a blast hanging out in this box, playing with her Moana bowling pins. For dinner tonight, we had turkey taco-ritos, with black beans & yellow rice. Basically, the tortilla shells were bigger than we expected them to be, so they were too big for regular tacos, but not quite big enough for full on burritos. So, Jeff dubbed them taco-ritos. Emerson went to town on the yellow rice again, and even had a few bits of my taco-rito herself. Which she loved.

Jeff took the boys up to Fun Station to hang out with our youth group for a while, and I got Emerson back to bed for an early bed time, since she was just so worn out! I’m blogging & watching Gilmore Girls (surprise!), and then I’ll go wash dishes and listen to my audio book. Glad for a quiet end to the day, after such a chaotic start this morning. Happy Sunday friends, hope y’all had a good weekend too!

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