Chili Cheese Dogs

Emerson was busy being her usual nosy self at drop-off this morning, watching as Miss Kayla get all her friends ready for breakfast. She could barely be bothered to give her Mommy bye-bye loves. But even still, she was adorable in her new outfit & kitty cat shoes.

I finished this audiobook on the way home tonight, and it was not good… I’m only giving it 1.5 stars on Goodreads. It’s supposed to be a “classic Gothic mystery” (published in 1952), but I just found it boring and irritating. The main character is a 24-year-old man who seemed too naive, and yet also too suspicious, at different parts of the book. And then it’s one of those stories that just ends, without tying up any of the loose ends, and you’re left wondering what the truth actually was. I hate when books & movies do that. I’m going to read some other reviews & theories, to see what other people thought, but I personally don’t think I’ll ever read this author’s other famous book, “Rebecca.”

Jeff has been crazy about chili cheese dogs lately (from Sonic, DQ or the local Dog et Al), so I willingly “gave in” tonight and “made” them at home. It was the fastest, easiest meal, since it required just heating everything up, served with green beans & Veggie Straws… Fast cooking, fast clean-up, everyone’s full & happy. And Emerson ate almost an entire hotdog by herself! (The tiny bit left on the empty plate below was all that was left of the whole one I had been cutting up for her.)

After dinner, all four of us sat in the living room floor playing with Emerson, and feeding her more veggie straws. She was in a super cute mood, and was being so silly. She was also walking all over the dang house, and I think she’s really getting the hang out it now! For those that have been to our house, she walked all the way from the living room, to her bedroom, with only one little fall!

I thought she would fall asleep quickly & easily after playing so much, but it was rough trying to get her to bed tonight, because she just wanted to be held. I tried multiple times, but she would pop right up when I laid her down. After a few times of this, Daddy went in to attempt it, and we’re hoping we can get her down for good really soon! (I’m blogging while he rocks her.)

And now I’m going to work on packing away all of her tiniest clothes! Over the last year, I’ve been putting them in these empty diaper boxes as I found things she had definitely outgrown. Then earlier tonight, I pulled all the 0-3month size clothes off their hangers (the pile below to the left of the tub). I am going to label everything with her initials, for future lending purposes, and then attempt to stuff it all in this one plastic tub!

It might take more than one night, but it’s an easy project, if a little time-consuming. But it’ll be good to get it all taken care of, and stored away for if/when it’s needed again! (Yes, we want another baby; no, not anytime soon.)

Mondays tend to be pretty typical, and that can definitely be said of today. Nothing outside of the usual Monday routine, and that’s just fine with me!

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